Refugees from the West

“The Netherlands”.

When we think of refugees the typical image will be of downtrodden individuals and families pushing handcarts of pathetic family items. The roads of Poland and France were engorged with refugees in 1939 and 1940, to the extent that defending military forces were hampered by the blocked main arteries. Perhaps an image of an overloaded boat crammed to the brim with Africans as it attempts to cross from North Africa to one of the Italian islands would be more fitting in this day and age. But those are pretend refugees, individuals not fleeing persecution but instead attempting to reach a nation that can provide them with a better life.

Those French and Polish refugees were attempting to escape war, not their own countries. But if we examine recent waves of Western refugees, the scenario has been different. The first real Western refugees, those attempting to escape their own countries, were the Rhodesians and South Africans in the period from 1980 to the present day. Their nations had been destroyed by Marxists who colluded with black populations to enforce the takeovers. For the whites who could afford to leave, there was no other option. Most went to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The United Kingdom was not so accommodating, but they were happy to take in untold numbers from the sub-continent in the same time period.

There is a cold war in the west that has been in progress for sixty years. A war which is beginning to hot up. The majority will hold on because things are not so bad just yet. Many will move to other parts of the same countries, the isolated areas away from the big cities. They will hope that they will not be bothered as long as they do not bother anyone else.

They will be bothered. Their skin color and their success will mark them.

There is a call for a new American flag by those people who do not feel that the current one represents them. By those people I mean those people whose skin colour is not as ours. I agree with the linked article that their wish should be followed as it will accelerate the waking up of the current white zombie class. However, I fear that it will not result in a separate white nation on that continent. Not unless a very great deal of blood is shed.

Meanwhile, a soccer tournament is underway in Europe and it has been politicized by those EU governments who are firmly under the globalist thumb. They are using the tournament to put pressure on Hungary which recently passed a law forbidding the promotion or teaching of homosexual propaganda to children under the age of eighteen.

Dutch trade minister Sigrid Kaag described the law unacceptable and unworthy of the EU. ‘Respect for our European values is not optional,’ she said on Twitter.  ‘Discriminating against LGBTI persons under the pretext of protecting children is unacceptable in the EU.’

Pressure is also being placed on the European Commission to take action and a number of EU countries are looking into taking legal action against Hungary. The 13-country statement also urges the Commission to ‘use all the tools at its disposal to ensure full respect for EU law, including by referring the matter to the European Court of Justice’.

I do not know when in the long and glorious history of Europe that the promotion of the grave sins of sodomy and casual sex became part of its core values, but somehow this has occurred. As for the threat of using a European court to overturn the Hungarian legislation, wars have been fought for very much less than this.

Europe has been protected from the threat of war by its big brother the USA for almost eighty years. But as we have seen with the flag issue, that protection is disappearing faster than hot chicks at a Victoria Secret photo shoot. Western Europe has become soft, arrogant and complacent. Its politicians make such threats without any concept of where they could lead. They are children taunting a dog behind the fence unaware that the gate is wide open.

The captain of the Dutch football team now plans to wear a “one love” armband on the field in Budapest, a deliberate provocation.

Oranje captain Georginio Wijnaldum will wear a rainbow ‘one love’ captain’s armband representing inclusiveness in football during Sunday’s round of 16 Euro 2020 match in Budapest. ‘By wearing this arm band, we as Oranje are showing that we stand for inclusiveness  and unity,’ Wijnaldum said. ‘We oppose every form of exclusion and discrimination and we hope to support everyone in the world who feels discriminated against.’

The asinine nature of a statement that simultaneously opposes exclusion and discrimination while seeking to discriminate and exclude a nation which does not want socialist propaganda shoved down their throats is obviously lost on someone whose intellect only allows him to chase a ball around a field. But we now live in a civilization whose morals are dictated by the ever changing whims of actors, athletes and politicians. In other words, we are living on foundations of sand and the tide is already in.

When those South African refugees began arriving in Australia in large numbers in the early 1990s, we regarded them with some level of incomprehension. We did not conceive of a situation where we would ever have to leave our own nation due to persecution or duress. We were complacent, we let our nations be taken over, and soon we may well be faced with the same decision.

The problem is that there is nowhere left to run.

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