Labor MP wants “Counter-Terrorism” Police to target Australian nationalists


This shows the futility of engaging in the kosher dialectic.

Labor influencer is unjustly persecuted by the political police. Labor MP wrings his hands about this and then laments the fact that political police aren’t being used more on his opposition and their “extremist rhetoric” instead.

The solution to out-of-control counter-terrorism faggots is not crying about it whilst simultaneously begging for them to persecute people you don’t like. Really, could we have expected anything different from the pond scum who sit in parliament? This retardation will only expand the persecution racket to more and more people.

No one would care about the counter-terrorism police if they solely focused on terrorism. But that is precisely the problem. They don’t. They are little more than a politicised goon squad dedicated to bringing the cudgels down on anyone who the plutocrats are upset with.

This system perpetuates itself by dividing society as much as possible. This is what they call multiculturalism, diversity and pluralism. The system provides incentives for groups in this country to attack each other in ways which benefit the establishment. Yesterday, Muslims were the main focus. Today it is National Socialists. Who knows who it will be tomorrow? This is a basic divide and conquer strategy which allows for the exploitation of the whole.

Partake in this lunacy and you are a useful idiot for the system. The solution to a secret policeman seizing your Star Wars toy and charging you for having an unregistered handgun isn’t to demand that it gets done to a man with a beard and turban instead.

You can find Jacob Hersant at Telegram.