Here’s Laughing at You, Kid: The Parasite Class and their Scamdemic


Originally published at Patriotic Alternative on 18 June, 2021.

By B Hall

How we, the host, by dint of our stolen taxes, are being played and are funding the parasite class to mock us and laugh at our stupidity. Look at them (while out of the gaze of their whore media‘s official sanctioned photographs) in close proximity, hobnobbing at the latest multi-million pound shin-dig, while you are imprisoned, close to losing your job, and expected to obey the rules theylaid out for you, but not for they, to slavishly follow. Both masks are removed: the surgical muzzle and the false face they wear to fool you. Taken off guard, all is revealed. While they ‘lead’, your family bleeds. When, exactly, are you going to stop giving them your permission by way of your vote?

Parasite: a creature which obtains food and physical protection from a host which never benefits from its presence (Chambers English Dictionary).

Let’s compare and contrast this to the public visage they put on to to facilitate the psy-op and perpetuate the Scamdemic. The top two images are like something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, where inmates believe that touching hands will spread the mind virus that got them sectioned. The second two images show what they really think – and more importantly what they don’t think. Welcome to the United Clowndom. Here’s laughing at you, kid!

You see, the parasite class consider themselves above the rules and above the law. In many ways they are, rightly or wrongly. Your votes give them permission and an illegitimate claim to legitimacy; your taxes pay their security detail to keep them well apart from you and your justified complaints, you who they claim to represent; and they now have (after the Saint Stephen of Lawrence circus) a private militia to crack the heads of anyone disagreeing and to enforce not the law of old but their ever-changing policies of today.

Yet these images above only show close contact, hugs, glad-handing. Can you imagine how they were after a few libations, a song and dance, once indoors as they enjoy your taxes that you have earned and they have not? We can bet, surely can we not, that all rules once inside where ignored, scorned, and laughed at with the same joviality they enjoy when recognising and sharing with each other the scam they have pulled, the millions they have fooled, and the profits they have enjoyed –at your expense.

Hyperbole? Conspiratorial rant? Firebrand rhetoric? No, just an objective analysis of the evident two-tier system now in place for all but the blind to see. It is now a clear-cut case of us and them: the people and the parasites. They have exacted this war upon us, not we on they. We are innocent; they are guilty as hell.

While they flew in on private jets guzzling up gallons of fuel and contributing to their other scam (‘man-made –sorry, person-made– global warming) not one of them had to isolate or even quarantine for a day to be checked. Straight off the plane and into an armoured vehicle (even Hitler didn’t have to do this, and travelled through the streets, applauding and celebrating his supporters in an open-top car –strange thought, right?) to be whisked away for a celebration of their control over you. So, while they are meeting up without masks, hugging, dancing, singing, eating and drinking together, with their own private beach… here’s how the ‘scum’, you, the people, are treated. No fun for the innocent –only imprisonment.

They are laughing at you! Wake up!

Thanks to Sven Longshanks and Max Musson at Radio Albion for inspiring this article. 

For the latest news on the Scamdemic, please follow the best news sites out there: Hugo Talks and UK Column website and their Odysee channel for live news every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 13.00. Thanks also goes to Mark Collett and David Duke for their exemplary analysis on this issue. 

Thumbnail image courtesy of UK Reloaded

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