The ABC is a taxpayer funded mouthpiece for communists, pedophiles and sodomites


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a taxpayer funded mouthpiece for the communists, pedophiles and sodomites that currently rule over the White Man in Australia.

They propagate a satanic and evil inverse morality, in order to destroy White Australia at a spiritual, moral, economic, political, social, cultural and racial level.

They are an enemy of the people and must be punished as such, any system pigs that defend the promotion of turning innocent white pre-teen and teenage boys into sodomite social experiments must face the wrath of the fully awakened Saxon.

The system currently has “anti-extremism” laws in place which are a vague political tyranny to shut down any resistance to their corrupt, demonic madness.

These laws use terms such as “Promoting, Glorifying, Assisting in the act of”, they have other “racial hatred laws” that use turns such as “Offending, Protected Persons (Non-Whites and Sodomites), Targeting”.

The gall of these criminals will not end until we make it end.

  • Every day these criminals “Promote” the destruction of Whites.
  • Every day these criminals “Glorify” the destruction of Whites.
  • Every day these criminals “assist in the act” of destroying White hegemony.
  • Every day these criminals “Offend” the honour of every White man and Woman.
  • Every day these criminals “Protect” their pets by making Whites second class citizens in their own nations.

Very soon the shoe will be on the other foot!

The system’s attempts to humiliate us have backfired, they have instead created a series of events in motion that can no longer be undone. We will follow this series of events all the way to the end, one can not stop what is in motion.

They fight to live in a world where they can fuck children without criticism from “extremists”.

We fight for Blood and for Honour!

Until our last breath we must fight these demons, we must wake up every morning with a burning passion and desire for Justice, for Righteousness, for the survival of our Race.

There is no giving up in this fight, no slipping back to sleep in the eternal chaotic nightmare of liberal democracy.

We fight everyday, we build our tribe, we stick together, until the end of time itself.

If you give up, you and your bloodline are condemned to an eternal hell.

Hail Hitler!

You can find Thomas Sewell at Telegram.