Oh, to serve a Lord


I came across this video on Tolkien via the always interesting Western Rifle Shooters.

In its brevity, the message of the video moved me. I felt a sting of loss. And thus, I felt compelled to write down how it affected me. It is but a poor rendering, and no doubt full of errors of all types. But I include it anyway as a humble offering from an illiterate man when compared to those who came before us.


Oh, to Serve a Lord


Oh, to serve a lord,

What glory would have been;

And love, to know unbridled zest,

for having a true part to play in the order of things.


These democracies ring hollow,

Our leaders are petty paupers of the soul;

And easily interchangeable,

once their shallow race is swum.


And glory we do not possess,

Not even in our dreams;

We cannot mourn that which we never had,

the greatest loss of all.


For if I served and lost a lord,

My grief would be real;

A thing that I could hold,

and cherish in my darkest times.


But in this grey world,

I lack that which never was;

A company of heroes,

arrayed around an empty throneless hall.


The throne replaced so long ago,

And in its place a hole;

My heart then exists,

in a state of never wakening.


What I would give for this,

I cannot know;

For to give, requires awareness,

of the true value of things.


I know that snow exists,

I have seen pictures and read books;

But having never seen or tasted,

it is to me an object of the mind.


Thus I am bound,

To waste away;

Never knowing, never seeing,

never serving, my own lord.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.