Beyond Trump


In the past the endless false narratives from those purporting to be on our side used to confuse me. When I say ‘our side’ I mean the side of Christianity and Western civilization. That used to include political entities such as the Republicans in the USA, the Tories in Great Britain and the Liberal Party in Australia, all of which have now been completely converged. Of course, many people will continue to hold onto the vestiges of those entities, mostly because they feel that they have nowhere else to go. But when both sides are essentially playing the same tune, you’re never going to win.

I saw a meme the other day that nicely reflected this reality in plain action.

The point here is that “conservative” or “right wing” news outlets are also in on the scam. The subject of former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, who cut off his dick and now dresses in a frock and high heels, (transitioning), is a very useful yardstick for determining who is really on the side of God and Christianity, who is not on our side, and who is pretending to be on our side. Those who are pretending are the most dangerous of all.

For example:

Kayleigh McEnany is the former press secretary for Donald Trump when he was president. She was outstanding in the role and has always made a point of her Christian faith. But here she reveals herself as the not so nefarious stooge that she is. Publicly applauding and supporting this cross-dressing lunatic’s bid for a political platform is one thing; referring to him with his pretend lunatic name is another thing entirely.

That the majority of card carrying conservatives are also supporting this bid just demonstrates that the former Republican party is dead and is now being paraded around in its skin suit.

This gradual shifting of goal posts by the nominal right so as to get in line with the left’s destruction of our societies and culture also sucks in the general population. It is now de rigueur for the majority of the right wing populace to get on board with and loudly cheer any woman who is thrust forward for political promotion while uttering the blandest of right wing catch phrases. This now also means that the female in question needs to have a skin color which is not as ours.

The comments on the thread at Catallaxy Files, as well as those under the video, are a role call of who can fall over themselves faster to proclaim this as the best combination ever. Trump himself accepts the potential greatness of this combination without batting an eyelid. Whether he is sincere or not is another matter, but then again, who knows?

Well, on the question of Trump we finally can know for certain whether he is on our side or not. This week he launched his new personal website. On the about page are listed his core values. I read them all, but to be fair I didn’t need to get past good old number one:

We are committed to defending innocent life and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.

In this case, the truth hurts. I stare at the evidence and I do not want it to be so. But it is and there is no escaping it. Once you know what to look for, once you understand the powers at play, once you recognise the signs of infiltration, you cannot un-see them. There are many false narratives but the bedrock that underlines all of the lies is this one. It goes to the heart of the ageless war that we are fighting.

So we must move beyond Trump. He is not what he claimed to be. Ultimately, this is a liberating position in which to find ourselves. There is no one man that will get us out of this mess, that will move us away from the darkness. Only one thing will do that, and it is up to each of us to return to that point. Western civilization fought to build a culture in the eyes of God, in which they succeeded. Now the inheritors of that great bequest stand to lose it. But it is only when something is almost lost that its true value is revealed to those who took it for granted. Perhaps this chain of events is what was required all along. It is a small comfort but one to which I will hold.

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