NSN Statement on INSANE COMMUNIST RAIDS in Queensland



On the 9th of April, the system continued its assault on our National Socialist community by raiding the homes of two National Socialist Network activists in Queensland. Again, their electronic devices were seized and homes searched, though this time the police remembered to knock.

What was the end result of this latest attempt to keep Australia safe from the ever-elusive Nazi terror conspiracy? No charges laid against our activists, because the pretext for the raid was graffiti that our organisation didn’t do and which wasn’t even remotely related to our group.

It is clear that the system is becoming increasingly desperate to put charges on our activists—any charges. They believe that the more of our people they can pull into their so-called justice system, the better. The repeated claim that their investigations and raids are driven by suspicion of illegal activity, and not the political opinions of the target, has become laughable. Even the most clueless observer can see that there may possibly be ulterior motives when the Queensland Police Security Operations Group—nominally for high risk investigations involving counter-terrorism and state and national security—are being used to conduct raids on alleged graffiti vandals.

The suppression of dissidents isn’t supposed to occur in liberal democracies, so they simply rename it counter-terrorism. In typical liberal fashion, they are too cowardly and hypocritical to even admit that they are trying to eliminate their political rivals by force. We will continue to publicise the system’s attacks against us, until White Australians realise that “pluralism,” “democracy” and “free speech” are nothing more than a pack of cynical lies used to keep them pliant.

With each action it takes against our people, the system just makes it even more obvious why it needs to be replaced.

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