Body Language does not lie


New Zealand’s first transexual Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, remains hilariously popular despite being utterly hideous. He is also a terrible liar.

In the press conference video below he explains his government’s mandating of the coronavirus vaccine for frontline border workers. This is in response to several so-called “cases” amongst border control staff, and the fact that 21% of employees at one security company manning entry points to the country have not been vaccinated.

Watch how he squirms, moves from side to side, his eyes dart wildly and he pulls overdone, desperate smiles as he tries to sugarcoat the fact that he is forcing people to inject poison into their bodies, at the threat of dismissal:

“We want everyone to be vaccinated on our frontline….

“From Monday through until the end of April, that becomes the final window where if people are not vaccinated in that period of time then they are redeployed, they are moved on. And that was always the point we had to get to.”

The point we always had to get to. It is probable that the main reason for Ardern’s discomfort is that he realised he had given away too much. It was always going to get to this. They were always going to mandate the vaccine, there were always going to be vaccine passports, they had simply read a bunch of dystopian novels and said “Yeah? Watch me.”

We’ll leave the final word to Thomas Sewell:

Do not take the monkey aids, mutant rna, nanotech, immune system evading, jewish poison, pseudo vaccine.

Just yesterday I heard from colleagues that family members of theirs that have taken it felt like they were going to die within 10 seconds of taking it.

Imagine what kind of demonic shit they are putting in it if you are feeling its affects within 10 seconds.

Its going to mutate a whole segment if not most of the population to be infertile and those that are fertile it will spread genetic diseases and damage beyond just those that take the lucifer jab.

It’s your XYZ.