ABC misleads their audience with edited twerking video by using “SOVIET MONTAGE” techniques


Editor’s note: Regardless of whether or not the ADF’s and ABC’s explanation is true or merely a hastily arranged excuse is irrelevant. The point is that to hire a gaggle of women dressed like whores to dance like african whores is symbolic of the degeneracy into which Australia has sunk.


Fuck the ABC

“Soviet-montage theory” was pioneered by Russian-Jew Sergie Eisenstein who used it in state-propaganda films .. It involves two different pieces of footage, that when joined together, create an entirely different context and new meaning to the original clips. Its the ultimate in manipulation and when applied to TV/documentary editing, can make real footage become fictional.

In this case, the ABC used “Soviet-Montage” and “The Kuleshov Effect” to degrade the Australian Navy, who although not present at a degenerate twerking dance performance, were edited-in as if they were there watching uncomfortably. This is a gross and dishonest representation of what actually happened.

Further info regarding the “Kuleshov Effect”, how editing together the same footage with a different shot entirely changes the original clip’s meaning, can be gleaned from this article:

The Kuleshov Effect Definition

It is a cognitive event in which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.

How Did Kuleshov Prove His Effect?

In 1921, Kuleshov set up a series of cinematic demonstrations that cut back and forth between a man and three different things to see what emotions could be created with the contrast.

The soup showed hunger.

The dead kid showed sadness.

The woman showed lust.

This theory defined film and film editing. It proved that a film is just the juxtaposition of two shots, sewn together to create emotions. These shots can manipulate space and time. And manipulate the audience’s reaction to each of them.

With this deduction in place, all of the film world moved forward as an artistic medium. Now modern filmmakers knew they could elicit anything they wanted from the watching audience just by editing new shots. And from those editing techniques grew a whole slew of different creative camera angles that could complement the editing and be used to tell stories.


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