UFO’s And Fairy Penguins In Favela Melbourne

Melbourne in the late 2020’s.

Melbourne was the Australian headquarters of the Globalist criminal elite who flooded the city with African, Indian and Middle Eastern ‘refugees’, who then spread all over the country. Australia had 20 million people when the process began but after years of mass third world immigration Melbourne now resembled the Favelas of Brazil. Corrugated iron, barbed wire and rubbish were everywhere. The fairy penguins in the bay had been eaten or died long ago. Raw sewage and garbage covered the streets while the scent of burning plastic and funk hung in the air. Gun shots echoes through the buildings but nobody noticed anymore.

A little boy gazed through a soot-dotted window and sobbed, “Please find me. Please save me.” He opened the window and looked towards the sky. A few times in the past he had seen flashing lights pass directly overhead and search lights, but was it from a government drone, a helicopter or something else? He wasn’t sure.

It was 11 PM and Johnny’s mother would be home in a couple of hours from the brothel. Since her husband was killed the only way she could survive as a white woman was to start a relationship with the local drug lord for protection. Her step children would bully and bash Johnny relentlessly. Eventually she had a mixed race child named Tyrone who was Johnny’s best friend.

Johnny was the last white child in the world so he was not allowed to leave the house alone lest he be abducted at any time by witch doctors or paedophiles. Strange UFO’s and flying discs had been seen around Favela Melbourne. Everyone was frightened of them. A rumour was spread that Johnny could communicate with aliens from the dark side of the Moon. He was not afraid of the UFO’s and secretly wished that he could actually communicate with them.

Every day Johnny’s mother drove him to school for his safety but at school he was mercilessly bullied and beaten by the other children. Johnny liked his teacher, Miss Mable, because she sometimes felt pity for Johnny and would give him an apple, but only after abusing him in front of the class by telling the class that Johnny didn’t have to ride a bike or donkey to school like the other children because he has white privilege. All the children would glare at him, as Johnny hid his head in his arms at his desk and wept. “Miss look at Johnny, he has white fragility,” said a well trained popular girl. The teacher nodded with approval. One boy whispered, “I’ll catch you up at lunch time, Johnny and give you something to cry about, you just wait, privileged white dog.”

Johnny often sat alone and would gaze at the old school photos of when the class consisted of all white children. In Johnny’s Aryan fantasy he would sing The Sound Of Music on a hilltop with other white children, skipping and playing in the meadows with bunny rabbits and deer running wild until he would feel a vicious slap on his back and hear Miss Mable’s piecing voice. “Look at Johnny having another Nazi fantasy!”

While Johnny’s mother was on smoko break she noticed a huge deposit in her drug-lord partner’s bank account, which worried her because he hadn’t told her anything about it. She downloaded all the security camera video and audio including her partner’s phone conversations. Shaking with anguish she drove straight from work to the police station.

“My son has been sold to the elite paedophile network”, she cried. “They put a deposit on him and plan to abduct him tomorrow night from my house.”

“Sounds like an elaborate crazy conspiracy theory.” Said the cop.

“Sir, I have all the evidence here, I have the phone conversations, the security camera videos and audio of the negotiations with my partner and the traffickers, oh and the bank details of them too.” She explained.

“You are making baseless allegations with absolutely no evidence and you are openly jeopardising the trust the public has in the Melbourne police department. Now go and take your white privilege and get the hell out of here! No-one wants to abduct your precious Nazi child!” mocked the policeman.

Johnny’s mother cried and walked out but then it hit her. The cops will be in on it too. They will call my partner at his Ice House and tell him to speed up the abduction plans. She drove as fast as she could home to rescue her sons.

Johnny and Tyrone were in the attic playing to escape their step brothers when their mother appeared all terrified at the top of the ladder. “Come quickly, follow me, and don’t make any sound!” They tiptoed downstairs and followed their mother along a dark street. “Cover your face!” She whispered as they passed a gang of youths. They reached a dark, shrubby overgrown park and pushed their way in.

“We are going to sleep the night here. Bad men are after us,” said their mother. “If we get separated go to your teacher’s house and wait there, but don’t go home!” Johnny and Tyrone were cold and scared. They huddled together to try to stay warm as fine rain dampened their clothes.

Suddenly all the trees and shrubs lit up with a brilliant white light. It was too bright to look at. They could hear a humming sound that throbbed in sync with the lights. It dimmed abruptly and three tall shadows of figures could be seen standing near a steaming, silver disc-shaped craft. Johnny’s mother and Tyrone froze but Johnny wasn’t afraid. He started walking slowly towards the machine. His mother was unable to make a sound to call Johnny back for fear.

Step by step, Johnny reached the aliens. They stood about 2 metres tall and wore what appeared to be grey or blue space suits but they had taken their helmets off, revealing their blond hair. They were indeed the Nordic Aliens of folklore. “Can you take us with you?” Johnny boldly asked.

“Ya, we have been searching for you,” said one figure.

“Favela Melbourne isn’t safe for you,” said another.

By this time Johnny’s mother and Tyrone had caught up. “Oh, please take us too,” they begged.

“No Ma’am, we can not jeopardise our colony on the dark side of the Moon,” said one figure. “We can only take Johnny; you must stay and look after your other son like a good Aryan woman would do.”

Soon the flying disc was up in the air and Johnny felt a thrill of excitement. “Master Johnny, just call me Captain,” said one Nordic Alien.

“Captain, if you can’t save my mother and half brother can you save my school teacher, Miss Mable? She is the last white teacher at school.”

“Sure, we normally only save children because children are innocent but we can make room for a school teacher,” said the captain while he touched some pressure points on the dashboard.

A penetrating blue beam shone through Miss Mable’s bedroom window. She felt like she was floating towards the light. Looking up from the cold floor she saw tall figures towering over her. She then saw Johnny as he took her hand. “It’s alright Miss Mable, we have come to save you from Favela Melbourne,” he said sweetly.

“Oh really? Oh thank you so much Johnny,” said a very frightened but relieved Miss Mable. She sat up still wearing her flowery night gown as the tall figures greeted her and welcomed her aboard the ship.

“Aufmerksamkeits-kapitan!” shouted an alien while touch typing on a projector computer. Everybody turned. He was playing a youtube clip at full volume of Miss Mable psychologically abusing white children and teaching the other children to hate whites.

The Captain watched with solemn furry. Then his face went red and his whole body began to twitch. “Is das Sue?” He stammered.

“Yes that’s me, um, but, it was just part of the curriculum.” Miss Mable protested.

“We can not jeopardise our colony with this antiwhite. Get off mein Schiff, Now!” shouted the Captain.

Johnny ran to the observation dome at the bottom of the craft and watched Miss Mable plummeting towards the flickering lights of Favela Melbourne. “Where are we going?” asked Johnny. “Are we really going to the dark side of the Moon?”

“No Johnny we just tell people that so the antiwhites won’t find us. We are going to Neuschwabenland. You will love it there,” said the Captain.

As the silver disc followed the Arctic coastline Johnny watched hundreds of penguins nodding and diving into the clear blue icy water. It was like a penguin welcoming committee. Johnny was so happy to see them playing freely in the wild amongst the mystical white and blue icebergs. It felt like a dream. “Could this be real?” he thought.

Soon the flying disc banked and flew towards a massive ice cliff. Johnny could see other flying discs darting through the air below. “We are nearly home Johnny,” said the Captain as the craft entered into a large cave in the ice wall. After a few minutes of banking side to side and twisting through the cave it opened up to a huge ice cavern. “Wow!” Exclaimed Johnny. It was an amazing, icy wonderland. Suddenly the disc burst through into a huge cavern so big that the icy ceiling looked like blue sky. “Wow!”

The geothermal ice cavern of Neuschwabenland had crystal clear icy rivers, soft green grass with groves of trees and little villages woven into the hills and meadows. The little houses and even the factory looked so sparkling clean. A red stream had been diverted from the factory to a sub-glacial river system so as not to contaminate the water.

All the children came to greet the flying disc. “Johnny we have been waiting for you,” the children cried warmly with red roses in their cheeks. They took Johnny by the hand. “Come and play with us.” The happy children went skipping and singing through the meadows. Little deer danced and rabbits bounded through the buttercups. Johnny was home amongst his people at last.

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