Nationalist groups clean rubbish and make streets safer


Several weeks ago on XYZ Live we spoke with Hector from Action Zealandia, a nationalist group committed to preserving NewZealand as a homeland for White New Zealanders. On their Telegram channel they have documented the public service they have recently performed, cleaning up rubbish and litter in their local area.

They also engage in regular hikes to build fitness and forge close bonds between members.

This photo was taken atop Mount Tauhara.

They didn’t burn any crosses though. That would have been cool.

Meanwhile in Russia, nationalist organisation Freikorps have removed drug dealers’ Telegram advertising on the walls.

And happily replaced it with their own.

German nationalist movement Junge Tat have made a powerful video excoriating the degeneracy of popular culture:

They state:

“We live in an age of media dictatorship. A large part of the population consciously gives their own thinking to the “fourth estate”. Consumerism, pornography and manipulation lead to the decline of culture. But with us a new age of enlightenment begins!

“Turn away and have the courage to use your own understanding! Active progress!”

In Italy on January 7, around a thousand members of Casapound commemorated the Acca Larenzia massacre. The ending was beautiful, a fitting tribute.

News site The European Guardian has put together a powerful clip illustrating exactly what is at stake if we do not halt and reverse mass immigration, now.

Love of nature, a clean environment, and striking fear into the hearts of our enemies. A rejection of media lies and degeneracy, and the promotion of traditional values. Venerating our fallen and securing a future for White children.

This embodies the spirit, the mission and the day to day activities of European nationalists in every Aryan nation.

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