Voting Doesn’t Matter


So Usurper Joe has officially taken the now irrelevant office of the “President”, thus proving without a doubt that the system is rigged and corrupt to the core, and Donald Trump was nothing but a fraud from the start.

Voting doesn’t matter, the law doesn’t matter, the courts are corrupt, the mainstream media are all Jewish funded traitors, and many whites are more than happy to take their 30 shekels of silver and betray their own national brothers and sisters without a second thought.

People can either despair over this or do what they should be doing, putting their faith in God, doing all they can to wake people up to the truth, getting fit and building offline networks.

The farce that is democracy has now been completely exposed, there is no “plan”, there is no saviour other than Jesus Christ, there is nothing but blood, grit and unwavering faith in the one true God.

This is now on you, men, it is your job to get working and start getting tough on anyone who might still be living in old delusions.

If a woman starts expressing her political or religious opinion, you must first reprove her politely, then rebuke her in the strongest terms if she refuses to remain silent.

Letting women have a say in public matters is one of the biggest reasons we are in this mess, there can no longer be any tolerance for any woman who refuses to accept this truth

(There are some exceptions, but only if they fully embrace ethnic nationalism and the overall leadership of men. 99.9% of women do not fit this category, and there should be no tolerance at all for female leadership in religion.)

Q-Tard boomers now have a chance to repent and admit error, if they refuse they have no place speaking any longer, they are our enemy and must be treated as our enemy.

The same stands for any boomer who refuses to accept the truth about race, and continues to support the old fraudulent paradigm.

Jewish supremacy (ZOG) deniers must be treated exactly the same way Jews treat anyone who questions the myth of the holocaust, with absolute derision. There is no longer any place for these cowards in the public sphere, they are actively working for the enemy whether they realise it or not.

Never forget that voting will not remove them.

Finally, trust in Jesus Christ our Lord, we cannot win this war by putting our faith in blood alone, only faith in blood AND the divine will save us; God has a plan and he wants you to be a part of it.

Through the power of God we will win in the end, but there is going to be much suffering and tribulation as Satan puts his plan for world conquest into action.

The time for tolerance is over, the time to start fighting for real has only just begun.

God wills it!

#VotingWillNotRemoveThem #JesusIsKing

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