Isa Guha is ugly and red lipstick is disgusting on her


Non-white women are universally ugly. Forget free gibs or escaping a war zone, the number one reason non-white men want to live in the West is because white women are beautiful. Non-white men are informed by Jewish entertainment that all white women are sluts who will sleep with them.


Jewish popular culture conditions white women to want to have sex with non-white men by constantly sending them the message that they have big penises.

To complete the process of mixing all the goy races together and degenerating humanity into a deracinated, atomised blob, it thus makes sense that Jewish entertainment devotes the rest of its energy into trying to convince white men that non-white women are not, in fact, ugly.

The Daily Stormer has recently reported that Jewish media is ritually humiliating Mel Gibson by making him perform in awful B-grade movies. In one of these movies, Fatman, he plays Santa Claus. Don’t bother with the plot, the point is they depict him as married to this.

In real life he is married to this.

In Solo, white male Woody Harrelson is depicted in a relationship with this.

In real life he is married to…


Anyway, they aren’t even trying to depict white men with non-white women who at least look half caucasian. They look more like, you know…

White men are further bombarded with a plethora of miscegenation propaganda.

But hey at least we can still tune out and watch some cricket…

Oh bugger.

It is bad enough that we have to turn the cricket on late enough to miss the so-called “welcome to country” and the BLM ritual humiliation ceremony. It’s bad enough that both TV and radio serves us up female commentators who try to bloke it up. And it’s bad enough that they serve up this foreign invader and dress her in a Western skirt as some kind of consolation prize to white men.

What’s worst is that they put red lipstick on her. Non-white women have brown lips, thus red lipstick on them makes no sense and is cultural appropriation.

In real life she is married to this.


To bring this around to a positive conclusion, the task of saving the white race and reestablishing national homelands for distinct white ethnicities starts with you, white man. Decisions you make now will have future consequences, and you have a responsibility to ensure that our blood remains pure so that our race survives. We can survive hardship, starvation, humiliation, and near complete genocide. If but a few of us maintain our blood and honour, our race will survive and return to its rightful dominance.