Is Magda Szubanski really a lesbian or is she just fat?


If you’re after a riveting show, you really can’t pass up the opportunity to see Magda Fatski and Eggboy in action. They’ve been touring Australia giving speeches on underarm hair or something or other. Crowds are reported to have rivalled those of the recent Biden campaign.

Here is an intriguing snap of the pair, somewhere in Australia.

Note the look Magda is giving young eggy. That’s not the look of a typical man hater, is it? Apparently, Magda Szubanski is a lesbian, but I don’t buy it for a minute. It is a well established fact that lesbians don’t exist. Women who claim to be lesbians and who engage in degeneracy are merely broken people who need God.

Magda Szubanski is Exhibit A in this regard. It is likely that she never developed the personal discipline required to make herself attractive to men.

Lock your door at night, Eggboy.