Stick a fork in the USA


Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here. Joe Biden has now been declared the winner,

When a man is in a bad relationship there may come a time when he is forced to an end point by external pressures. In these heretical times that is usually a divorce brought by the woman because her short term feelings are no longer satisfied. In any case, for the man in question that moment is simultaneously the worst time and the best time. It is the worst time because disloyalty and deception on such a personal scale is devastating. But it is also the best time because now he finally knows the real lay of the land and he can delude himself no longer. It is the time to begin to rebuild in God’s image.

However, many many men continue to delude themselves long past the time when it is obvious to all who choose to glance at it. Many men also do not learn from the hard lesson and they double down in an attempt to cloister themselves in warm feelings of comfort, hearkening back to a time when they once assumed that they were happy. Some men do not have the strength to face the abyss where they momentarily find themselves and they turn to external vices to cope, ironically anchoring themselves in the abyss forever. In short, there are many false trails and traps along these pathways. To keep your head while you are embraced in a cyclone of emotions is a hard task. Yet hard tasks are what we are here for.

The United States of America is that bad relationship. It has been over for quite some time but the world, not just Americans, has clung to it. The events over the past few days are merely the deer in the headlights sign that it’s over, she doesn’t love you anymore, and she is never coming back.

It is easy to become disheartened at times like these, to retreat away while convincing yourself that you didn’t really care anyway, or that things will be fine once the dust settles down. But the Enemy relies on good men giving up in such a manner. It’s easy to fight when you are winning and you are on a roll. What counts is continuing to fight when all seems lost.

To allow a Harris presidency, and it will be a Harris presidency as intended, to continue as if everything is normal is giving up. But even if Trump does emerge triumphant, understand that the thing is broken and there is no putting it back together. And it has been betrayed and broken for a very long time, before many of us were even born. Both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party conspired to cheat Trump in this election. The oligarchy wants the popular imposter gone at any cost. The American people are the rubes and the imported foreigners the slaves intended to replace them.

I am leaning towards the opinion that a Harris presidency might be the best thing after all. A Trump win would provide us with four more years for our side that things were going all right after all. It would deceive us that we were okay and make us complacent. The average man does not want to be bothered with great events. He wants to retire to his sofa in the evening, to sleep in his warm bed at night, and to get up in the morning and have a hot coffee while kissing his young and beautiful wife and adorable children.

But the sofa is stained with muck, the bed is cold and bereft, the coffee rancid, and the wife an old hag with purple hair who screams at the sky while the children count the days until you die while plotting among themselves. That is what a Harris presidency represents, which is why it is now a fitting presidency for the USA. The USA does not deserve Trump as a president. Rather, elements of what used to be the USA deserve Trump as a general.

Someone once said that people go bankrupt very slowly and then all of a sudden. Likewise with empires. We are on the precipice of the all of a sudden moment. But that momentum needs good and true men to get it to move. The Berlin wall did not come down all on its own. It is no use holding onto the dream that the USA will be what it once was. You can stick a fork in it because it’s done. Time to plan your next moves and find a new and healthy relationship.