The fix is in


There is enough confusion and false trails among the simple act of counting some votes that point to the obvious conclusion that the fix is in. Hell, even third world shitholes are better able to run elections than what is transpiring in the USA right now. As I have said on numerous occasions over the past few weeks, the left has not been preparing to win this election; they have been preparing to steal it. They were prepared to steal it even if they were going to win legitimately, an unlikely prospect to be sure, but that is how deep this goes.

People, this is not a normal election, even for the behemoth that is the United States. The left has crossed the line where anything goes, and they crossed it during the last four years. Whatever it takes is now all that matters. If this includes the complete trashing of the foundational institutions that make up a Western nation then understand that that is viewed by the left as a bonus play.

Or it may be the end goal.

I do not think there will be much point in following the propaganda masquerading as news on this topic over the next few days. It might even go on for weeks. All that matters is what the final play will be and then the real events and outcomes will begin to unwind. It may evolve with an exquisite sedateness or it might consume us in an instant. Either way the pieces are in motion and there is no stopping this juggernaut. The left are all in and they have no plan B.

You always have to leave a hunted man a small chance of escape, however slight, or he will do truly desperate things and in his desperation he might just take you down. One thing is for certain and that is that nothing is certain.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.