Cash for Visas is Treason

Witch and Ogre.

It is a well established fact that the only reason Gladys “Baby Killer” Berejiklian passed legislation in NSW allowing abortion up to the moment of birth, was to obtain easier access to dead baby carcasses for her to feast on at every full moon. She fulfils this dark magic ritual to prevent her nose from growing any larger, because the weight imbalance caused would inflict irreparable damage to her spine.

Screenshot from the Australian.

Some also believe this prevents her from reverting to her true form. No artist’s impressions exists of this, it is too hideous even for a site which specialises in poorly labelled satire.

Naturally, she is currently embroiled in a sex scandal.

She had been bonking some bloke who is the subject of the ICAC, and had continued sucking it even after he had been found guilty of corruption. Australia’s political class is furiously flapping around the periphery of what this sex scandal actually means.

It suits the Labor Party as it takes the focus off a beleaguered Daniel Andrews in Victoria. The Liberal Party not unreasonably complains that the whole point of ICAC was to expose the systemic corruption which has allowed a crook like Andrews to rule Victoria in the first place.

Both parties insist that the central issue is whether or not it was unreasonable for the witch to continue her “relationship” with the ogre after he had been found guilty. They conveniently ignore his actual crime, and the real scandal.

From the Australian:

Gladys Berejiklian’s former boyfriend ran a “cash for visas” business out of his parliamentary office while boasting access to the highest levels of government, a venture that saw him receive tens of thousands of dollars in “success fees” by lying to immigration officials.

In a stunning day of evidence that will place further pressure on Ms Berejiklian’s future as NSW Premier, former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire admitted to a string of allegations concerning potential illegal conduct and the misuse of public office to obtain personal benefits.

As Mr Maguire conceded to a multitude of professional failings in the ICAC witness box, Ms Berejiklian aggressively defended her conduct at a heated press conference during which she emphatically sought to distance herself from her former boyfriend….

Mr Maguire admitted acting as a de facto company director during his time as an elected MP, using tactics to keep his directorship of the business concealed, and using parliamentary resources, including his staff, to set up meetings for the company, known as G8wayinternational

“Do you agree that on more than one occasion, you received deliveries in your Parliament House office of thousands of dollars in cash associated with a scheme involving the obtaining of Australian visas for Chinese nationals?” asked counsel assisting the inquiry, Scott Robertson.

“Yes,” Mr Maguire responded.

Cash for visas. This isn’t simply corruption, this is treason.

Australia’s dominant political parties have been selling out Australia for decades. The Liberal Party wants mass replacement immigration to keep Australia’s economic Ponzi afloat. The Labor Party supports mass replacement immigration because it has screwed over its traditional Anglo-Celtic working class voter base, but can just import voters instead. The far left supports mass replacement immigration because they hate us, they want us and our children dead and they want to eliminate any evidence that we ever existed. The media supports mass replacement immigration for any three of these reasons.

Daryl Maguire was already a party to this treason. What sets him apart is that he has attempted to acquire added profit from this treason, and he got caught.

The political and media establishment will squawk about this for a while, Maguire and Berejiklian will likely be thrown under the bus, and the treason will continue.