Victoria quashes normie coronavirus revolution in its infancy


Revolutions tend to be triggered when the peasants get hungry. Remember the whole “let them eat cake” thing? So, how do you quash a revolution? Napoleon turned cannons on Royalists.

Isidore Helman: Day of 13 Vendemiaire An IV, General Bonaparte opens fire against royalists in front of the
Church of Saint-Roch [Getty Images]
The Venezuelan communist regime uses violent paramilitary groups to brutalise opponents and intimidate the rest into silence.

The Soviets conducted show trials.

Wait, what?

The Victorian government has skilfully used its Antifa paramilitary wing to stifle public dissent this last decade.

In our Anglo Brotherlands of England and America, the paramilitary units of the planned new regime have made their unmistakable first impressions.

This past fortnight, the artillery of the compliant media has been turned against normies who publicly question the coronavirus narrative and oppose authoritarian measures.

On Friday the situation escalated, with a normie group assembling against coronavirus restrictions at the Shrine of Remembrance. This indicates that the normie group understands symbolism and its power to rally more soldiers to its cause.

So does the Victorian government.

From the Age:

Two people have been arrested and 18 fines have been issued by police at a protest held at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance.

Carrying red flags, the small group of protesters gathered at dawn on Friday with many of them refusing to wear masks or face coverings.

Police said they issued a total of 18 $1652 fines to those who attended Friday’s protest.

Two people were arrested after they refused to provide their details to police. They also received a fine.

Four of the 18 fines were issued during an earlier protest where protesters left calmly after police asked them to move one.

Police said they would continue to investigate the earlier event to identify any other individuals who took part.

Last night (Saturday) the Victorian Central Committee moved to stamp out resistance before it can gain momentum.

From nEwS.CoM:

Victoria Police intervened to quash a planned gathering of anti-mask coronavirus conspiracy theorists at a gym in the Melbourne suburb Cranbourne on Saturday night.

A family member of one of the event’s organisers told The Age she contacted police to warn them it was happening.

“We were trying everything possible to get the meeting stopped,” she said.

“We’re all just trying to do the right thing.”

Dozens of police showed up to surround the venue with roadblocks.

The Herald Sun reports officers smashed in the window of a young female driver’s car around 6:30pm after she refused to speak to them.

They briefly arrested the woman, before letting her go a short time later.

“Excuse me, this is unlawful,” she protested.

Expect show trials next.

A totalitarian globohomo world government is emerging, utilising the coronavirus as cover to enslave the planet. To defeat it, think in terms of a war of attrition. The globalists took power by steps, instituting measures which furthered their goal without provoking a counterattack from ordinary Anglos. When they suffer occasional defeats they always attack on a new front and keep pressing.

Apply this strategy. Find ways to counter globohomo without attracting its artillery. When you do stick your head out of the trench, do so with overwhelming force. When you suffer a defeat, send in another wave.

Keep in mind that the globalists have already taken your moves into account and have a contingency for them. Everything is scripted and most of the opposition is controlled. In the second instalment of the Matrix the system of control forces Neo to make a decision between victory and personal loss. He realises that many have come before him and been faced with the same dilemma. His task then becomes to discern a course of action the system of control has not planned for, and follow it through to its logical conclusion.