Sadly, Israel and UAE now less likely to annihilate each other


The unfortunate thing about Israel having nukes is that it makes it very difficult to reestablish the Crusader States of yore.  The one, solitary good thing about Israel having nukes is that it means they may occasionally use one on a neighbour.

Or at least mini-nuke an enemy city and make it look like an industrial accident.

Coencidentally, another Arab state signs a peace deal with Israel several days later.  Bugger.

From the BBC:

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a deal to normalise relations, with Israel agreeing to suspend its controversial plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

In a surprise statement by US President Donald Trump, who helped broker it, the countries called the accord “historic” and a breakthrough toward peace.

Until now Israel has had no diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab countries.

But shared worries over Iran have led to unofficial contacts between them.

Palestinian leaders were reportedly taken by surprise. A spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas said the deal amounted to “treason”, and the Palestinian ambassador to the UAE was being recalled.

President Trump called the deal between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan “a truly historic moment”. It marks only the third Israel-Arab peace deal since Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948, after Egypt and Jordan.

“Now that the ice has been broken I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates,” he told reporters in the Oval Office, saying there would be a signing ceremony at the White House in the coming weeks.

Earlier, in response to a President Trump’s tweeted announcement, Mr Netanyahu wrote in Hebrew: “Historic day.”

The rest of the article maintains the standard media line of presenting the Middle East as a complex web of complex alliances and even more complex hatreds.  Anybody who thinks they have a simple solution to the Middle East question is a bigot or an imperialist who doesn’t understand the complexity of the Middle East blah blah blah.

It’s all dog poo.

I have been studying the Middle East for over 30 years and I can can you this.  It is really, really simple.

Every single person from the Middle East is our enemy.  Every. Single. One.  Since its inception, Islam has been a murderous scourge on Christendom and the Jews have regularly been the ones to weaken and then lower our defences to them.

The great thing about having Israel smack bang in the middle of the Middle East is that one day, an apocalyptic war may start between Israel and the Arabs which inspires every Israeli and every Arab living in Anglo lands to go to the Middle East and fight for whatever complex cluster of tribes and complex loyalties and complex hatreds they best fit into.  Then, they all wipe each other out while we sit back and play a bit of beach cricket.

Think about our current situation.  We are being replaced in our ancestral lands by people from all over the world.  Globalist bankers are currently using the coronavirus plandemic as cover for collapsing the world economy and consolidating even more power and wealth into their own hands, and to further the establishment of a One World Government.  They have us trapped like rats in a hole, prepping us for the day they can forcibly mass-inoculate us against the Diversity Flu and monitor our every move through digital currency.

We stand on the precipice.  Anglos face a fight for our very existence, yet it is so difficult to drag ourselves off the couch when we are barely allowed to leave our homes.

In a situation like this, you expect us to care about the Middle East peace process?