Racial Nationalism is Inevitable


There is no way to stop it, no amount of propaganda, no number of lies and no amount of fake “shame” can stop nationalism. God created nations, nations are ethnicities, ethnicities are families and he wants us to live in them.

The satanic ruling class can suppress our instincts, and shame us into silence, but only for a short period until reality snaps back into place.

Expect to see more articles like this going forward:

The British far right is becoming more openly racist in the wake of a backlash against international Black Lives Matter protests, experts have warned.

report by Hope Not Hate, seen exclusively by The Independent before its release, said that years of dominance by Tommy Robinson and other figures focused on Muslims was giving way to rising white nationalism.

It found that the growth of the new Patriotic Alternative group, which openly calls for non-whites to be ejected from the UK, suggests a “shift towards more openly racial politics”.

You can read the full Hope not Hate report if you want a good belly laugh.

“Patriotic Alternative are a big threat, but they are too small to do anything, but they are dangerous, but they do not matter.” That is the short version, but I enjoyed it.

They mention the great replacement then dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory,” as you would expect and have all the usual handwaves and clichés.

Here is a meme that sums it up.

While the corporate media in the UK are stressing out about whites waking up, our own parasites are up to their usual nonsense:

It’s often lumped in the ‘new age’ category with Gwyneth Paltrow’s raw food or Pete Evans’ paleo diet, but the natural eating movement is far from new.

In fact, its roots extend back to Nazi Germany — and beyond.

‘Leave our food as natural as possible’ was a slogan coined in 1942 by Nazi physician Werner Kollath.

“The Nazis were very concerned with regenerating the Aryan body, so they had this big push to get people into healthier lifestyles,” says Dr Corinna Treitel, associate professor of history at Washington University.

Stand back everyone; we can all now rest easy knowing that healthy eating makes you a Nazi.

With such hard-hitting journalism, it is hard to see why nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore.

Then again, this really does explain a lot.

With enemies like these, we cannot lose.

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