African Gang quarantine breakers are openly mocking us


It should be the other way around.

But then we let our government lock us down over a bug which they can’t say for certain is actually killing anybody.

Now even the functionally retarded are mocking us.

Clownworld Australia in the current year is a fat Australian woman who should be at home looking after her family but is instead in a position of power because the men in this country are too cowed to stand up and take responsibility, saying “These are clearly two very stupid girls”, implying that we cannot even keep tabs on the dumbest of inmates.

From the ABC:

A South Australian woman [sic] has been handed a suspended jail term and a Queensland woman has been fined after they flew into Perth without permission and escaped from hotel quarantine to go to an alleged party.

Banchi Techana, 22, and Isata Jalloh, 19, faced court Thursday morning after they were arrested at a Coolbellup unit on Tuesday.

The pair had left the Novotel hotel in the Perth CBD where they had been sent to quarantine and were charged under WA’s Emergency Management Act with failing to comply with a direction.

Jalloh was the first to face court and appeared wearing gloves and a mask, which she pulled down during the hearing.

She pleaded guilty and was handed a $5,000 fine, with Magistrate Benjamin White saying her youth was a “powerful mitigating” factor in sentencing.

Techana also pleaded guilty to breaching quarantine, as well as to another charge of obstructing police who were trying to search her and take a DNA sample at the Perth watch house.

Because of her prior criminal record and her “continued defiance” in the watch house, Magistrate White said a prison term of eight months was appropriate but that it should be suspended.

Both women disputed claims by police that they came to Perth for a party, saying there were only two other people at the unit and they had just wanted to leave the hotel.

Jalloh and Techana caught a taxi to the unit after flying in from South Australia hours earlier and being denied permission to enter WA because they had not properly applied for the necessary travel exemption to the state’s hard border.

Police said they were directed to go to a city quarantine hotel because an immediate return flight was not available, but they left the accommodation, despite attempts by security to stop them.

The Perth Magistrates Court was told earlier this week that when police called one of the women, she laughed and hung up.

They were arrested at the unit after police used their mobile phones to track them to the property.

Take note real Australians, the police really can track you by your mobile phone. Skynet is real.

Naturally, neither the ABC report nor the Channel 9 news segment dared to mention the fact that the two girls are African, that they are not Australian. This debacle begs the question:

Why is it that the only people brazen enough to openly break quarantine restrictions, laugh at and hang up on police, and openly mock and even bully the media sent to harass them, are people who do not even belong here?

It is because they understand that:

  1. They will face more lenient consequences than real Australians, ie Anglos, and
  2. Unlike real Australians, they are supported by a community who practice ethnic in-group preference, so they know they will be looked after

They did this because they knew they could get away with it. No wonder they’re laughing at us.