12 way to subvert the wearing of face masks


This all started with plastic bags.

Actually, it goes way, way, waaaaay back.

But plastic bags are a good recent example.  We have gone from getting crappy plastic bags for free from Woolies and Coles which we would use multiple times before throwing out, to paying 15 cents for less crappy plastic bags which we use multiple times before throwing out.  We still have crappy little useless plastic bags for veggies, and companies still use plastic packaging.

All to save the environment.  People cracked it for several weeks, then we all gave up.  Then a retarded Swedish teenager told us that despite the fact that we have already completely reordered our entire society to account for so-called “climate change”, we were still all evil people who were destroying our children’s future (if we bothered to have any), and lunatics dressed as Emperor Palpatine’s guards danced through the middle of our cities.

We all just let it happen.  It was an exercise in behaviour modification.  Moving the Overton Window.  Enforcing compliance.

Mandatory face masks for the coronavirus plandemic have been introduced the same way.  We were told initially that they were not necessary and did not work, back when politicians didn’t want to appear xenophobic by worrying about the coronavirus.

When the first lockdowns started we were told to “socially distance”, work from home, and people started wearing face masks voluntarily.  They tended to be Asians.

We were given a little taste of freedom, then Victoria locked down hard again, mandating the wearing of face masks, steadily reducing the distance you could travel from your home and reducing the reasons you could do it, introducing permission slips to go to work and imposing a curfew.

We are now being prepped for the idea that the current lockdown restrictions will be extended indefinitely, and the wearing of gloves and goggles is being normalised.

The entire world economy has been shut down for a Diversity Flu which overwhelmingly kills people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and from which most people recover.

Face masks are a muzzle, they are a symbol of compliance, of obedience, designed to break the will of the population.  It is the standard Marxist tactic of destroying a people’s will to resist by forcing them to go along with something they know is a lie.

They got us here by stealth and in stages.  This tactic has been recognised for millennia as the most effective tactic in warfare.  Sun Tzu said the best way to defeat an enemy is to win without having to fight a battle.

Boiling the frog is how you do it.

Here’s the good news.  We can apply the same tactic.  There is little point currently in protesting as a group as our overlords move swiftly to shut protests down.

If you walk bare faced in public the police will choke you and dry rape you.

However, if the government can normalise the wearing of face masks as a public demonstration of compliance with a police state that was introduced in stages, we can break it back down, in stages.  Call it the passive aggressive rebellion.

So I made a listicle, because I understand it is considered the highest form of journalism.

1. Wear a mask badly

Cover the mouth but not the nose or the nose but not the mouth.  Wear it under you chin or hang it from your ear so if a police officer or someone you reckon could be a Karen comes along you can quickly adjust it.  Normalise the act of not quite complying at your place of work, or with people you regularly see on your daily walks, when out shopping, within your household and with your neighbours

2.  Wear a mask substitute

Wear a scarf, a hanky, a shawl, especially with bright colours.  People who wear the ‘official’ mask notice this.  They will stare at you because they‘re angry that you’re not wearing the proper mask, but they will also feel a sense of humiliation at their own meek compliance.  Stare back, smile back.

3.  Wear a death mask

What the hell, wear one even if you don’t have to wear a mask.  They’re just awesome.  And read Siege.

4.  Be an overly compliant alarmist

We know mandatory gloves and goggles are on the way so don’t just flatten the curve, get ahead of the curve.  Get out there in full snow blizzard gear.  When you’re queuing at the self service aisle, start a conversation with the next person and tell them you reckon the government is hiding the true death toll from the coronavirus and your reckon it’s already in the tens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions.  Use the phrase “new normal” too many times.  This will scare them.  This is good.

5.  Wear novelty masks

Make every trip to the shops a fancy dress party.  Wear a bike helmet.  A clown mask.  Especially a clown mask.  Make sure you stare at people if you wear a clown mask.  Everybody loves clowns.

6.  Mock the mask

Always mention how silly it is that we have to wear a mask.  Call ‘social distancing’ antisocial distancing.  Make fun of politicians.  The strong will respond positively to you and build your network of not-quite-compliant members of the rebellion.  The weak will deliberately not see the funny side and will try to lecture you.  Do not engage in honest debate with these people.  Troll them and make them feel like dirt.

7.  Don’t call it COVID-19

Call it the Diversity Flu, the WuFlu, the China Virus, the rona, the corona, the coronavirus, the coonaravirus.  Whatever.  Say the alternative name really loud, or whisper it.

8.  Be disgusting

Drop your guts, pick your nose, scratch your bum, tell a story in a queue about how you gashed your leg open or ate a dodgy meal.  Think of it as using Pavlovian Conditioning to induce a gag reflex or an anxiety attack in people every time they put on a mask.  A lot of people have trauma associated with things covering their face, being down their throat or around their neck.  You would be surprised how effective this is.

9.  Your property, your rules

They haven’t mandated face masks in the home.  Yet.  Sit outside on the front porch for an hour with your face free and say hello to every person who walks past your front gate.  Chat to the neighbour over the fence, without your mask.  If your car is parked on the road don’t put your mask on before you hop in.  A Karen may object to this, but they won’t be certain they can dob you in for it.  They will scan the DHHS website for a few minutes, then get bored and go back to watching telly.

10.  Smoke a cigarette in public

Do this while wearing a proper face mask.  Pull it down when you take a drag.  This will cause a short circuit in the brains of the people who see you.  You are doing something which is far more deadly than the coronavirus, but you are in full compliance with coronavirus regulations.

11.  Only comply with coronavirus regulations


12.  In summer, wear as little as possible

Far be it from The XYZ to promote degeneracy, but this is for the greater good.  Women should wear the shortest shorts they can find and show as much cleavage as possible, while wearing a mask.  Sun bake topless at the park while wearing a face mask.  Only if you’re not fat though.  For men, the fatter the better.  The hairier your back, the better.  Go out in budgie smugglers and thongs, just wear that mask.

How does this work?

All these actions are designed to induce cognitive dissonance.  If you demonstrate full compliance with coronavirus regulations but juxtapose it with doing something that in the past would have been considered antisocial, provocative or dangerous, it can trigger someone to consider why they just went along with everything until now.

When you demonstrate subtle non-compliance, people who are aware we are being herded to our doom will recognise the cues.  You can build a network with these people.  Start by enjoying minor acts of disobedience with a single friend and in six months time you have a group of hardcore fanatics who are ready to….anyway I am pretty sure that is how the authorities see it.  It terrifies them.

You will also notice that many of the actions I recommend are distinctly unkind and designed to make life unpleasant for others.  This is important.  The state has made life gradually more and more unpleasant for all of us so that their banker masters can collapse the world economy, force us all to get a vaccine and use digital currency and establish a One World Government.  To do this they need a docile populous that goes along with ‘the new normal’.  But the state is careful not to make life too unpleasant too quickly, lest the frog jump out of the rapidly heating water.  Subtly making life more unpleasant for people accelerates the process and forces people to notice the boiling water.

For the truly weak, these actions work the best.  People are already going crazy, but the government can get away with this because they have induced mass compliance.  We can tip this mass compliance into mass hysteria by accelerating people’s descent into madness.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The Karens, the Little Stalins, they are the golems, the monsters created by our masters to haunt our every move.  If you can break them, and break enough of them, the golems will revert to archetype and destroy the ring of power.

Get cracking, and feel free to add more to the list.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.