SBS admits that Real Australians are Anglo


They said “Anglo-Celtic”, which is more accurate, and including Saxon would be more accurate again, but we’ll take it.

From SBS:

Employers need to do more to ensure newsrooms are more reflective of Australian society, a report by academics and Media Diversity Australia has found.

Breaking! Organisation whose mission is to advocate for more so-called “diversity” in Australian media advocates for more so-called “diversity” in Australian media.  This is not journalism, it is activism, and it is being done on your dollar.

Furthermore “Australian society” is by definition Australian.  If we ensure newsrooms are more reflective of Australian society we should get rid of all of the darkies and perhaps throw aborigines a token every now and then.  On the other hand, if we ensure newsrooms are more reflective of the society in which Australians have been forced to live thanks to the imposition of decades of mass immigration, then yes, replace Aussies with non-Anglos in newsrooms just as we are being replaced in Australia at large.

Released on Monday, the Who Gets To Tell Australian Stories? report analysed 81 news programs over two weeks in June 2019, equating to approximately 19,000 news and current affairs items across free to air television.

The study revealed that when it came to on-screen appearances, only six per cent of reporters, presenters and commentators had either an Indigenous or non-European background, with more than 75 per cent being of Anglo-Celtic background.

The exception was SBS where 76.6 per cent of on-air reporters, commentators and presenters were of non-European background.

The whole point of Tits-TV is that it is supposed to be a station for non-Anglos.  We literally gave them a whole TV station, but now they want all the others anyway.  We were told that mass immigration would benefit Australians, but now mass immigrants are advocating against Australians.

It’s actually kind of refreshing that so many people hailing from original Aussie stock are still allowed on TV, but it’s also kinda not.  Australian TV is overwhelmingly left wing.  This means the Anglos presenting news in Australia are overwhelmingly left wing or are at least forced to present left wing news.  This leads to the common mistake by many white nationalists of saying that we need more based Europeans because the Anglos are so cucked.  This is completely unacceptable as it would mean white nationalism leading to the genocide of a white ethnic group.

My ethnic group.

The answer is to uncuck the Anglos.  If Anglos hadn’t been cucked via Liberalism/Jewish propaganda in the first place, there wouldn’t be such a large proportion of our population here consisting of other European ethnic groups, let alone non-Europeans.

It is also important to combat the idea that because, on the surface it is predominantly Anglos and other whites advocating against our own interests due to our indoctrination by Liberalism, that it is ourselves who are the problem and not Jewish propaganda.  Aside from the fact that the media is almost exclusively Jewish owned and that the financial system is a Jewish creation, this idea ignores the fact that our entire intellectual framework, the framework which shapes our reality, is a Jewish creation, and this includes Liberalism itself.  You create the intellectual framework of a system, those living in the system merely act as they have been programmed.  To point the finger at people acting as they have been programmed ignores the programmers.  This is why it is important to uncuck our fellow Anglos and to redpill them on the JQ, in order to reset our programming so that we act in our own interests.

You don’t need to read the rest of the article.  It is merely the embodiment of brainwashed Anglos acting agains our own ethnic interests, and people from non-Australian ethnic groups who have been told by Liberalism/Jewish propaganda that it is okay for them to advocate for their own ethnic interests, so they do.

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