XYZ Conference Day 4, July 2: Adam Piggott on Christianity


Tonight at 8pm AEST, Adam Piggott will be speaking on Christianity. You will find the speech here at The XYZ YouTube channel, and at the link directly below.

Adam will be making the case that the decline of the West was caused by the Reformation. Adam has written three pieces setting the scene for tonight’s talk:

The United States was doomed from the start

You’re too short for this ride

The return of the Church militant

Adam will speak from 8pm to 9pm, and there will be Q&A from 9pm to 10pm.  James Fox Higgins, Australian Meditations and the Dusty Bogan will be joining the panel for the Q&A.

The XYZ Conference has moved from The Uncuckables YouTube channel to The XYZ YouTube channel, after our first speakers caused a bit of a stir. We have no idea why.

None at all.

Thus you can find:

  • Tom Sewell’s speech here on BitChute
  • James Fox Higgin’s speech here on BitChute
  • Mark Moncrieff’s speech here on BitChute and here on YouTube.

It’s your XYZ.