XYZ Conference Day 3, July 1: XYZ YouTube Channel, Mark Moncrieff on Traditionalism


Days 1 & 2 of The XYZ Conference have been very successful with plenty of views and two great speeches by Tom Sewell and James Fox Higgins.

For some reason which none of us have the slightest inkling why, the videos have gotten into a little bit of trouble with YouTube and have been removed. We have moved both Tom’s speech and James’ speech to BitChute. Also for no particular reason, we cannot live stream on The Uncuckables YouTube channel for a little while.

We had no idea we were that dangerous to the globalist establishment.

No idea at all.

Easily fixed. The rest of The XYZ Conference will stream on The XYZ YouTube Channel.

A live event has been created here for tonight’s talk.

Mark Moncrieff will discuss Traditionalism from 8pm to 9pm AEST, and he will be joined by David Hiscox, Tim Wilms and Stephen Wells on the Q&A panel from 9-10.

Looking forward to seeing you there.