Never saw it coming: Rioter shot in Austin


Video appears to show the moment a rioter in Austin, Texas was shot.

A witness claims someone got out of a car and shot somebody she knows.

All of this is entirely predictable. Unarmed people have regularly been set upon by far left and anti-white protestors for a couple of months now.

Police cars are regularly destroyed.

People have been dragged out of cars and beaten by rioters.

Even trucks.

Tellingly, if you try to google this, Google floods you with stories of people driving their cars into rioters, ie, the fact that they are getting mobbed and beaten is because they deserve it.  Do not attempt to oppose globohomo-approved rioters.

And America is a country where a lot of people have a lot of guns. Every major city where these riots are occurring is now a flash point for the escalation in the inevitable civil war which has been fomented by the Rothschilds and their minions.


It appears the “protestor” who was shot dead was armed.

Foster was carrying a rifle, according to one witness. He approached the vehicle and was shot by the driver. The driver then drove away, witnesses said.”

Also, it’s telling how SBS choose to frame the story, and also that they actually consider it noteworthy, a contrast to other Anglos who have been killed at protests but generally ignored.