Nantes Cathedral Fire: A black guy did it


Youths. Teens. Doctors. Brain surgeons. Law students. Volunteers.

I think you get the picture.

From the BBC:

A church volunteer has admitted starting a fire that devastated the cathedral in the French city of Nantes last week, his lawyer has said.

The Rwandan refugee, who worked as a warden at the cathedral, was rearrested on Saturday night.

No motive for the fire, which destroyed the cathedral’s 17th Century organ as well as historic stained-glass windows, has been given.

His lawyer told reporters his client felt “relief” after confessing.

“It’s someone who is scared, who is somehow overwhelmed,” his lawyer, Quentin Chabert, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

You almost wanna feel sorry for him. Good for him, confessing to his crime. What a good Christian.

If black lives matter when they are victims, surely black lives matter when they are perps? George Floyd’s face has become universal. Why can we not see the face of this “refugee”? He should be on murals, maybe even a statue.

Will Waleed Aly talk about this? Black academics complain that black people are not visible enough in the media, that they have to disguise or apologise for their blackness when they do appear in the media, that the representation of diversity in the media does not accurately reflect the diversity in the community. Curious then, that they would deflect from the alleged arsonists’ identity in the headline and the first paragraph of the BBC article.

You could even argue this news is being whitewashed.