Economic citizenship shopping


Paper Australians are Australian for their own advantage only. The real question is just how long this condition lasts. How long before the rats desert the sinking ship? Is it a single generation? Two, or maybe three? Even longer? If you listen to the casual proponents of civic nationalism, they would have you believe that anyone who sets foot in the country immediately obtains the sudden inheritance of Western values via the mysterious elements of magic dirt and support from the globo-homo industry.

That last one is not specifically mentioned, nor alluded to; it simply lurks in the shadows like the misshapen and grotesque toad that it is. But it is there nonetheless.

Let us accept for the moment that this immediate assumption of Western values happens. And what then? Are they Australian? What does that mean? Does it mean that they share in our prosperity? Does it mean that their progeny have equal rights to the nation as the progeny of those that were the once nominal cultural heirs of the nation via blood?

Would they defend Australia to the death from foreign invaders? Such a question is somewhat ludicrous; how can foreign invaders be expected to defend their adopted country from foreign invaders? Which foreign invaders have a greater claim? The ones with the biggest stick?

These ruminations entered my mind when I happened across an article from the Australian government broadcasting network that specialises in this sort of multicultural drivel.

This Indian family’s Australian dream has shifted to Canada.

Hardik Rao migrated to Australia nearly thirteen years ago looking for greener pastures. But he is now busy wrapping up his work and life to start afresh, this time in Canada and he is hopeful it would be his and his young family’s ‘ultimate home’.

“Canada is more migrant-friendly, has an easy and flexible migrant pathway, better job prospects, bigger economy, it’s closer to the US and most importantly you can easily sponsor your family members,” the 42-year-old told SBS Punjabi.

Not making enough dosh in your adopted country? Then pack your bags and hop on a plane to the next port of call on the world wide fun tour for foreign freeloaders. I mean, it’s not as if they’re ungrateful or anything.

Mr Rao isn’t the only one. Karan*, who came as a student to Melbourne five years ago is also looking to relocate to Canada.

“I am extremely frustrated. I have done everything ever suggested to me and yet there is no hope in sight of getting the permanent residency. My cousin went to Canada as a truck driver two years ago and he already has a PR. So tell me if I don’t deserve any better?

Post WWII, migrants were just grateful to be in Australia so they would have a roof over their heads, food in their belly, and not being bombed out of their street. But nowadays they have pretensions of the big international score. It’s not as if India is a shithole or anything. They were IT professionals back there! Now they’re reduced to driving a bus! The horror. Those sorts of jobs should be kept for the untouchables. You know the ones – Anglo-Australians.

There are so many hyphenated pretend Australians that the real Australians need to go by a hyphenated identity badge too. That’s what happens when you bring in so many freeloaders. But the answer to our gigantic problem of how do we get rid of these ungrateful freeloaders is staring us in our economic faces. Australian hasn’t officially had a serious economic downturn for over 30 years. Which is about how long the unfettered immigration has been going on for.

The answer to how do we get them all to leave is to let our economy hit the dumpster. And then throw in a little civil unrest just for good measure. What you will find is third generation “Greek-Australians” and the like suddenly going to Greece for several months to “rediscover their heritage”. Which is nation swapping speak for, time to get moving, the fun times are over.

These people have no loyalty to Australia. Their loyalty is to their bank account and to their own tribe. The trick is to cancel their paper citizenship as soon as they’re out the door. In fact, the fastest way to get rid of the lot of them would be to finally let the great Australian property bubble burst and let them discover that the only way out from the depths of financial servitude is to cut and run.

Mind you, if we’re going to make Greece look like a great economic immigration choice then we really need to go down the shitter. Lucky for us, that might just happen.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.