Black Lives Matter plans to spread more Chinese Diversity Flu


We’ve all seen the graph.

We’ve all seen the headline.


Now as the Chinese Diversity Flu snakes its way back through the rest of Australia, particularly into Sydney, what to do? Whatever should we do?


From nEwS.cOm:

The NSW Police Commissioner has urged people not to attend another Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney’s CBD next week as the number of coronavirus cases in the country grows.

A protest scheduled for next Tuesday has more than 4000 people expected to attend and organisers lodging a formal protest application. But Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told 2GB he intends to block the protest from going ahead and will take the activists to the Supreme Court.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about lives. They only care about Marxist revolution.

“Relying on some pretty good intelligence from Victoria, we know how dangerous these protests can be, in terms of health,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“A number of people who came to the protests (in Victoria) were living in those vertical towers,” he said. “At the moment, you just can’t take chances.”

The use of language here is intriguing. They are still referring to the link between the BLM illegal gathering in Melbourne and resulting the coronavirus spike as “intelligence” rather than “news”, because Victorian authorities are still trying to obfuscate the link to deflect accusations of incompetence or worse, collusion.

Commissioner Fuller has obviously read the Victorian memo and doesn’t want to explicitly say there was a link, but he is still using the link as the reason to block the BLM illegal gathering in Sydney.

So you’re saying there is a link.

Of course, this is all just getting a little silly, this forensic analysis of the media’s use of weasel words. People are going to go crazy soon. This coronavirus thing, this Black Lives Matter thing, just like the Greta thing and the Extinction Rebellion thing last year, it is all designed to make is go crazy.  We’re being primed for something much bigger.

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