Kristina Karen Keneally just misses home


A few months’ ago I wrote about Australian labor politician, immigrant invader blow-in and affirmative action recipient Kristina Keneally, who was making noises about having some sort of rethink about Australia’s disastrous immigration policies which she herself had championed for so long. I was firmly of the opinion that the woman not be let off the hook for her past actions.

“Keneally is the original Karen, a domineering busybody who wants to see the manager, but unfortunately for Australia she, and many of her ilk, became the manager. She is the strident banshee who instead of being disciplined as a child was continually told that she could be anything that she wanted and that she could change the world.”

An aside about the Karen meme: it’s the nationalist right’s response to mansplaining.

Anyhow, Kristina ‘Karen’ Keneally, (KKK), is back in the headlines again but this time for more nefarious reasons.

Australia under pressure to officially ban right-wing extremist organisations.

The headline is somewhat incoherent; just how Australia can be under pressure from itself to do something is a box into which we shall place no cat, nor Karen.

Labor has called on the Morrison government to ban right-wing organisations to send a signal that extremist views won’t be tolerated in Australia.

Currently, 25 of Australia’s 26 banned terrorist organisations are Islamist, with the other being the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.

But Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally says these groups are not the sum total of the problem.

“The proscription of a right-wing organisation – international or domestic – would send a powerful message that these extremist views will not be tolerated,”” she wrote in an article for ASPI’s The Strategist.

But the views of some half dolled up American trollop are of the upmost importance. No First Amendment for Australians to fall back upon. Mind you, the so-called land of the free is just about the worst place in the world to be right now if you want to have an opinion on politics and keep your job. Methinks that KKK is homesick for the injustices which she left behind all those years ago.

Immigrants always want to transplant their native lack of principles onto the rest of us. Don’t forget that the Democrats were the Klan, so KKK is just trying to feel at home. It’s the political version of cooking up all those dishes that you miss. How about that immigration, eh? The food is just great!

Senator Keneally said right-wing extremism, which was once an invisible enemy, is finding new opportunities to rear its ugly head.

It seems that they are really pissed off at Gab. Nothing like an upstart tech company to ruin all of that censorship at which you had worked so hard.

The next few elections in Anglo nations are going to be really interesting if the left retakes power. Because now the gloves are off and they’re not bothering to hide it any more. The Karens of the world want nothing better than to don a white smock and start burning churches. It’ll make everything feel just like home.

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