The Roman Road to Eternal Life


In this livestream I go through the path to salvation (eternal life/heaven) according to the Bible, and respond to a video by RockingMrE on the same topic. He believes salvation is through both faith and works, he is wrong and I prove it.

If you have the time, I think the content is decent and worth your time; I go over the recent incident involving an Indian truck driver killing four police officers on the Eastern Freeway as well.

Given not everyone is able to spend just over an hour listening to me, I thought it prudent to write out the full path to salvation here as well.

If you are interested to know, if you died today, whether the Bible says you are going to heaven, you can either watch the stream, or read this article, or both.

The first thing we have to understand is that according to the Bible every single person on the planet is a sinner; none of us is as good as some like to claim. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

God could not be clearer, he is disappointed in all of us, he is also clear about the punishment for our transgressions.

When God says the wages of sin is death, he does not just mean physical death in this life; he also means our eternal soul.

God tells us exactly who goes to hell as well in the Book of Revelation.

That is a list of some serious sins there, but notice how he includes all liars. Who reading this has never told a lie? In Romans 3 the Bible even flat out states that we are all liars.

Just in case you might think God is only referring to those who lie a lot, he makes it crystal clear in Revelation 22.

When he says “without,” that means people who did not make it into heaven, so according to the Bible if you make even a single lie you are worthy of eternal damnation.

In fact, many things are sinful according to the Bible; even thinking about something stupid is sin.

God says we have all sinned, we all deserve to die and we all deserve to go to hell.

It all sounds so bleak and helpless, but the good news is that God is our Father and he loves us and does not want to condemn us to eternal damnation.

For this reason, he sent his one and only Son.

Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, which means he was God in human form, subject to all the same sorrows, suffering and temptation as we all are. Despite this, he remained perfect and sinless throughout his entire life.

The thing about Jesus Christ is that when he was here, he spoke the truth, and as readers of the XYZ will know, speaking the truth is a sure way to make people hate you. Especially when you speak truth to power, and call out the hypocrisy of those in charge.

Those in power in Jesus’ day, the Pharisaic priestly class (whom we would now call Jewish Rabbis), hated him so much they got the Romans to beat him then crucify him.

When they did this, Jesus took all the sins of the world onto himself.

He died, went to hell for three days and nights, then on the third say he rose again, showing the disciples the holes in his hands and side to prove it was really him.

However, just because he died for all of us this does not mean everyone goes to heaven, in the book of Acts a prison keeper (warden) asks the Apostle Paul how one is saved.

There is it very clearly stated, and there is verse after verse in the New Testament that states exactly this, it is the even main theme in the Gospel of John. This is where we find the most famous verse in the entire Bible.

Notice it says, “Whosoever believeth,” not whosoever is a good person, or whosoever believeth and is a good person. It only says that whoever, as in anyone at all, believes on Jesus Christ, will not perish (go to hell), but have everlasting life (go to heaven).

There are many things that we need to do in this world, and God will punish us if we break his commandments, but to get into heaven we simply need to believe.

There is no work requirement, or requirement to live a good life, all we need is faith.

Salvation is the gift of God, and when the Bible says gift that means gift, as in completely free with no strings attached. It does not mean, “Pay me back later” or “you get this gift if you do me a favour,” it means free and there is no cost whatsoever.

This is why the Bible is the true word of God, salvation is free and it lasts forever no matter what we do, it is divine truth.

One thing you might have noticed in John 3:16 is that God says it is “everlasting”, that means it lasts forever. This is his promise to us. God tells us clearly that once he saves you, he saves you forever and there is no way you can ever fall from his grace. It happens in an instant and it costs you nothing.

Once you call on the name of the Lord and believe that he is our saviour, you have eternal life; Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you.

People might then ask, “Does that mean God says I can do whatever I like now?” The answer to that question is a clear and resounding no; eternal permanent salvation does not mean you have free reign to commit any sin you like.

Just as parents will discipline you, and punish you, but will not throw you out of the family, God will punish you but will not throw you out of his kingdom.

Now that you have heard the gospel, if you believe you can pray aloud to confess before Jesus Christ and make your salvation official:

“Dear Jesus, I know that I’m a sinner. I know I deserve hell; but thank you for dying on the cross for me and rising again from the dead. Please save me right now, and give me the gift of eternal life. I am only trusting on you Jesus, in your death burial and your resurrection. Amen.”

If you believe these words in your heart, the Bible guarantees you eternal life, your salvation confirmed, and nothing you can do will ever cause you to lose it.

You now have a choice, you have eternal life, but you can continue in the flesh and God will keep punishing you, or you can follow his commandments and get his blessing.

It is completely up to you.


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