The case for an Australian National Conservative Revolution


The Golem

Australians of a nationalist and conservative political inclination have made multiple attempts over many decades to bring about political change in accordance with their sincerely held views of what is in the national interest of the Australian people, but all of these efforts to effect change through the current political system have been thwarted by hostile political forces that have corrupted, subverted and used that very same system to block and prevent every legitimate attempt to sincerely participate in the currently existing political process and to affect the changes that so many of the Australian people so desperately want and need if the Australian people are to have a meaningful future in this country of ours.

Being faced with little more than a begrudging consent by our opponents to allow us to participate at all in a political process that must now be clearly visible to all reasonable people as entirely compromised and under the tacit control of forces hostile to the interests of our people, what alternative is left to us? We either continue to do the same thing year after year, one election cycle after the next, in the hope of achieving a different result, or we accept the reality that we will never make any headway in the prevailing circumstances precisely because those circumstances have been contrived against us and specifically designed to make sure that we get precisely nowhere in perpetuity.

In such dire straits the only viable route out of this mess and back to a state whereby the political system of this country is able to once again fulfil its role as a prism through which the will of the Australian people is enacted, is to completely dismantle the current system and replace it with a new political system that is more able to enact the will of the Australian people, while at the same time protecting itself from the subversive forces that will surely never completely give up in their attempts to dispense with the will of the Australian people in favour of their own foreign designs.

Therefore, rather than create yet another political party that must be pruned and shaped to fit within a set of rules specifically intended to capture and neutralise the power of movements such as ours, Australians need to withdraw our consent to be ruled over any longer by a system that does not listen to us, that conspires with a controlled media to manufacture the appearance of widespread consent where there is little to none, and that instead, we make a new resolve to create our own new system of governance right here and right now in the midst of their decaying, corrupt system that serves only the needs of our enemies.

Instead of thinking in terms of political parties that must be tailored to fit a political system that we no longer trust, we need to think bigger. We need to think in terms of an alternative society and social system that can provide an alternative for real Australians who want to exit from their dependence upon, and entanglement in, the existing system. Australians need to change their mentality of dependence upon the existing system in favour of self-reliance and contributing towards the gradual creation of an alternative social system that is more reliable and reflective of their political will, and that places them as the focus of its energies rather than wasting our hard earned money on internationalist projects intended to do nothing but virtue signal to the world.

Home Schooling

There are some big fundamental things that Australians can do which will withdraw their dependence on the globalist system that is currently in power. And, make no mistake, that’s exactly what it is: a globalist system that has subverted our old political system and taken it over to use as a weapon against us. One of the things that can be done is to withdraw your children from the government controlled education system in favour of home-schooling.

As the numbers of Australian families who are withdrawing their children from the hideously subversive and socially degenerate system of education provided by each of the State governments grows, the options for small-group and alternative school cooperative educational systems becomes more and more viable. Children that are home schooled are no longer an isolated fringe group, but are instead a new centre growing right up through the trunk of the old rotting education system. The availability of cheap technologies to facilitate remote learning can only serve to bolster the drive to get our children out of the clutches of a teaching profession that was decades ago infiltrated and subverted by Marxist extremists intent on destroying our future by brainwashing our children. They nearly succeeded too, but it is not too late to change things around.

No Welfare

The other big fundamental change that Australians need to make is to stop taking the handouts. One of the big pillars of the globalist political system that currently runs Australia is their deliberate creation of economic dependence upon handouts from government. It should by now be obvious that starting back in the 1990s, the Federal Government started to implement a policy of giving all sorts of financial benefits to all sorts of people and for all sorts of reasons. We now have a system in place where nearly everyone in the country is receiving some form of welfare from the government. In many cases it might only be a pittance, but that makes no difference, because the purpose is to create a financial relationship between the citizen and the government that comes with a whole raft of legal obligations attached.

If the Federal government gives you and your family even a small amount of money, they will then use that as the basis for them having the right to know and check up on every aspect of your financial life. The money comes with the obligation for you to disclose to the government all and every economic fact which they decide is material and must be disclosed by you, under threat of criminal prosecution if you fail in that duty. They want the right to check your banking history and data match it against your tax returns and all other third party transactions whenever they like and for any reason they like, and without having to inform you every time they do it. In fact they can do it even better than you might think, by scooping up great numbers of the population using algorithms to essentially farm your data. The legal and algorithmic basis upon which most of that data matching and mining is taking place is the fact that the government offered you a penny, and you naively put your hand out and took it! Give it back! Tell them you don’t want their money.

We need to withdraw our economic support from the system that is destroying us, and redirect that activity towards each other and our own communities and ultimately to our own new economic and political system; one that is made by us for us. A system that is for our benefit alone, rather than being a branch office of New York or Brussels or Beijing. Withdrawing our support happens in a number of ways, but one of the first and most important is for individuals and communities to make the decision not to accept the money that is offered by governments when it is offered, because it always comes with strings attached. The ideal is to aim for is a result whereby you receive nothing from Social Security and thereby they know very little to nothing about you and your community.

Aged Pension

The only exception to that principle that I would allow for, is those people who receive the Aged Pension. Why are they different? Well, they are not essentially different, but they are arguably already too heavily enmeshed in this government’s welfare scheme to simply walk away without doing themselves great economic harm. This is because, those who are of Pension age have invested a life-time of taxes into the coffers of a government that has promised to pay them a pension when the time comes, and so far they have honoured that promise. There is no guarantee that future generations will receive the promised pension, in fact if Australia continues to load itself up with foreign economic parasites at the rate it is, it is highly doubtful that the pension scheme will hold up indefinitely. However, for those that are already of that age, or close to it, it is simply not feasible to ask them to walk away from that scheme.

But you, the younger generation, should brace yourself for the real possibility that after your lifetime of paying taxes in return for a promised pension, well, when your turn comes don’t be surprised if the cupboard is bare. On current trends the pension scheme will eventually become unsustainable, so you may as well prepare for that outcome now.

Self Sufficiency

But in all other ways, we need to adopt an attitude of self-sufficiency and community-funded projects, without any government involvement or assistance. The same goes for the big-noting big businesses that like to donate some money to a cause just so that they can say so on their Annual Report and get their photo taken turning the first sod. What is the point of taking assistance from those people when they are the very same people that are using their power to send our industry to China and flood our country with economic migrants that are destroying our nation? It makes no sense. So, stop taking their money and assistance and tell them they are not wanted and they are not welcome to get involved.

There are so many clear things that we can do to create our own society independently of the globalists. We must adopt an active attitude of “Make it in Australia – Buy it in Australia”. We must resolve as individuals, families, businesses and communities to refuse to buy anything from overseas that can be made in Australia. We need to give preferential treatment to Australians who are part of our community and who are clearly supportive of our movement. Those people need to be employed by our business owners over and above all others, we need to go out of our way to source our goods and services from businesses and individuals who are Australian and openly and actively economic nationalists. Perhaps as much as ninety percent of all goods that one can find in retail shops are goods that have been manufactured in China, and most of the rest are made outside Australia. We can adopt a simple and effective rule to make a big difference: “When you pick it up, if it says Made in China, put it back and walk out.” Go without if you have to, do without, make do, make your own, build one, but for goodness sake, stop buying anything else from China!

That’s how a revolution starts. Not with guns, but with strong determination and the will to achieve an outcome. Of course these things alone will never be enough to give us the nation that we desire. This is just the beginning. We will have to fight hundreds of fights and win hundred of battles of all types before we will succeed, but we must start somewhere, we must want to start, to believe that we can succeed. Our system is broken and cannot be fixed from within. We need to build around it if we are to move forward towards the nation that we are destined to become.