I can’t believe it’s not Communism!


There used to be an international organisation called the Communist International that, unsurprisingly, dedicated all its resources towards spreading communism internationally. It started just after the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, and it ended partway through World War II largely so that Joseph Stalin could save face with his liberal Western allies, though it reformed under a different name. It was founded by Vladimir Lenin himself and was responsible for the violent upheavals that occurred in postwar Germany, Hungary, and other European coutnries. These eventually led to the powerful resurgence of nationalist political movements which were opposed to it, and which were tellingly opposed in turn by dominant Western liberalism. The rest of the story you know well, because it leads us up to today.

As the saying goes, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. It’s important to check in with what people opposing you are saying and doing. Anyone familiar with tech hipsters knows that they are among the loudest of cheerleaders for globohomo, but it isn’t just an American or British phenomenon, we here in the Antipodes have our fair share of them. You can tell their ideology just by looking at their feeds, or even their weak, pudgy faces, but if that wasn’t enough then feast your eyes on this soft, feminine, cartoonish, babytalk kitsch that they use to communicate with each other:

No, talking like a baby won’t make women notice you Source.

Their side of the aisle is the one with the overbearing nannying types who wield the full might of liberalism against ordinary people. It’s also the side of intelligent weirdos like Slavoj Zizek and Yanis Varoufakis. Varoufakis in particular is a very vocal communist Greek politician who was at one point their minister of finance, but resigned after a few months because the majority of Greeks disagreed with him and he sure as hell wasn’t going to go around pretending he was elected to enact their will. Varoufakis has a few things in common with Lenin: particularly a powerful, masculine physiognomy, which along with his contrasting beliefs makes him an exception which proves the rule. The other thing they have in common is starting up the Communist International.


Behold, the totally-not-communist Progressive International. That brings us to the title of this article, because just like margarine is the gay, non-dairy, unnatural version of butter, the Progressive International is the gay, soy-alternative, neoliberal version of the Communist International. On their bright, colourful website they push such policies as the Green New Deal, globalism, and wealth redistribution. They organise petitions, email campaigns, talks and speeches, take in donations, and operate publicly with no resistance. Despite all this activity, Varoufakis had the audacity to state:

“The bankers and the fascists have so far been the only ones to have organised internationally. It is now the turn of progressives.”

Because you just know that progressivism has no international power at all and they should organise to make sure they stick it to those fascists and bankers who totally aren’t on board with everything they’re pushing.

Private, get on that radio and get me three transvestites, NOW!

The members of their council are like a woke wet dream. PoC, soyboys, you-know-whos, second-world wannabe dictators, feminists, and, worst of all, Scott Ludlam. It also includes that German girl who trafficked migrants into Italy and was arrested for it, just so you really know what they stand for.

What is the threat posed by this posse of ugly misfits and spiteful mutants? Their twitter only has about 15k followers – by comparison, strong, vitalist, life-affirming accounts like The Golden One and Bronze Age Pervert stand at 17k and 35k followers respectively, and they’re each operated by a guy with muscles and good ideas. So while you’re unlikely to ever meet someone who follows the I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Communist International, it is who is involved in it that makes it dangerous. Make no mistake, these people absolutely hold the reins of power and influence. One struggles to think of a single politician, current or former, who subscribes to the philosophy of someone like The Golden One. But the ProgIntern has many politicians and thinkers on their side, and they are rallying just like they did a century ago. Remember that in the worst cases, the ComIntern won, and plunged Eastern Europe into darkness. In the best cases, they lost and created reactionary movements.

Back then, there was a third world power to oppose both of these: Western liberalism. But today, no liberalism stands to oppose either the ProgInt or the dissident right, as it has been totally consumed by globohomo. Foreign powers will give their resources to whatever weakens us the most, so they too will be on the side of globohomo, at least for a while. The good news is that once we have fought off this new wave of communism, Western neoliberalism will have totally rotted away, leaving nothing to oppose true conservatives and nationalists. But with that in mind, know that it’ll be the fight of your life.