God Hates Cuck Churches


Cowardice has become a feature of modern Christianity, the intolerant Jesus who called the Pharisees (now Jewish Rabbis) the sons of Satan, is largely forgotten. In his place is a false god claiming the name of Christ, but far from the real thing.

Australia’s worst case is “Father” Rod Bower and his Gosford Anglican Church that not only allows sodomites to worship, but openly advocates for their existence.

I could write a whole article on the reprobate false prophets among us, but this piece is addressing some highly disturbing news out of Germany:

Germany allowed religious services to resume on 4 May but worshippers must maintain a distance of 1.5m (5ft).

As a result the Dar Assalam mosque in the city’s Neukölln district could only hold a fraction of its congregation.

But the Martha Lutheran church in Kreuzberg offered to help by hosting Friday prayers at the end of Ramadan.

Jesus famously made a whip and upturned tables because the Jews had turned his house into a den of merchants. Now this German church is inviting people into God’s house specifically to worship the false god Allah.

This is the worst kind of blasphemy and is exactly what got Judah carried off to Babylon for 70 years.

At the end of the article, we see the root of the problem:

Even the church’s pastor took part in the service.

“I gave a speech in German,” said Monika Matthias. “And during prayer, I could only say yes, yes, yes, because we have the same concerns and we want to learn from you. And it is beautiful to feel that way about each other.”

Does this church believe the Bible or not? They allow a woman pastor, and they allow heathens to worship their false god in the house of the LORD.

Both are major sins that kindle God’s wrath, and the Bible could not be any clearer on both matters.

Worse, this church has no love in it at all. Allowing heathens to worship in God’s house directly condemns them to hell. The “Pastor” could have taken the chance to give them the gospel, but she did not. Instead of working for God she tried to impress man, she is unfit for her role, not just because she is a woman, but also because she is not a true servant of our LORD.

None of the Muslims who prayed to Satan in this church is saved and this woman could not care less. Rather than give them a chance at eternal life, she has essentially said she would rather they all burned in hell.

Probably alongside her.

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