Captain Cook vs Globohomo


Chinese Diversity Flu (made in China) might be showing us the dangers of open borders and “multiculturalism” (ethnic replacement) but globalist traitors in the fake news media are not backing down. After all, they are all-in and the last thing they want is for normal Aussies (and Westerners in general) to understand just how damaging the treason has been.

George Megalogenis over at The GarbAge has written a whole column snidely attacking the Prime Minster for his support of the Englishman who discovered Australia:

Scott Morrison had been looking forward to the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s historic voyage to Australia. He had marked it in his diary as one of the most symbolic days of his prime ministership; an occasion when he would lead a new conversation on our national identity. It says something about the weight Morrison attached to the project that it was one of the last to be cancelled because of the coronavirus. Even the National Rugby League had gone into hibernation before the Australian National Maritime Museum called off the event.

The original plan was for a replica of HMB Endeavour to enter Botany Bay on Wednesday, April 29 to commemorate Cook’s landing. The vessel would then set sail on a year-long tour around Australia.

Good on Scott Morrison for actually trying to celebrate the true history of this nation; one created by and for British people. We Australians should be proud of what our ancestors created and celebrate what they left for us; it is our duty to protect their legacy.

Georgie boy spends a number of paragraphs crapping on about China and the conflict brewing between us, then throws in this little gem:

But the question of Australia’s dependence on China came with a surprising twist this week. While Morrison would have preferred to celebrate our British heritage, and China tried to school us in superpower diplomacy, a third country, India, snuck up on us. New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released on Tuesday shows that the Indians were poised to overtake the Chinese as our second-largest migrant community behind the English before our borders were closed to the rest of the world in March.

In other words, Beijing’s threat was not only impractical for the time being; it was out of date.

Yes George, we are being replaced, this is exactly what Nationalists have been saying for decades now, also that nobody consented to it. Whenever we say it, however, you and your ilk call us “extreme white supremacist extremist conspiracy theorist racists.”

A normal person reads that Indians are now our biggest immigrant group, along with the Chinese, and wonders who is going to stop this great betrayal; but globalists and Leftists are not normal.

The English had been the dominant ethnic community in every capital and regional town from the First Fleet in 1788 to the turn of the 21st century. Now four of the eight capitals have someone else on top of their ethnic ladder: the Indians in Melbourne, the Chinese in Sydney, the New Zealanders in Brisbane, and the Filipinos in Darwin.

Australia has never looked this different.

That is right, Australia has never looked this different, in fact, it has never looked less Australian than it does right now. No Australian voted for this, never did we consent to having our country warped beyond recognition, and globalist traitors like Megalomaniacis do not care one bit.

His conclusion betrays the true purpose behind this article:

The immediate danger for the Morrison government is not the belligerence of Beijing, but the own goal of Australian nativism.

The Commonwealth’s refusal to offer a lifeline to international students who have lost work in the shutdown, and who have seen their studies disrupted by social distancing, plays into the hands of the Chinese government. The call to boycott Australia might resonate if our government reinforces that message with a signal to any international student, whether Chinese, Indian, or English to go back to where they came from.

It would be smarter to treat the last arrival with the same respect as the oldest Australian. That would serve as a more powerful expression of national purpose than any speech Morrison might have given this week to launch the HMB Endevaour on its journey through the past.

Only in the world of the Globohomo parasite is the Australian Prime Minister of Australia showing nativism an “own goal.” To Australians, the real ones not [insert non-Australian ethnicity here] Australians, it is great to see a PM that actually wants to celebrate our nation, that is our people.

The message we want to send Indians and Chinese is indeed to go back where you came from, you do not belong here, because this is not your country. This is our country; our ancestors came here to an effectively empty continent and created a thriving civilisation. You offer us no value, you lower our wages, you clog our cities and you smell.

Go home and do not come back.

In other news, “health experts” are telling us that if we refuse to let the state track our every move we will be confined to our homes forever:

That means the outcome will depend on four conditions. They are the capacity for increased testing, state and territory infection surveillance plans and resources, stocks of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, and the take-up of the COVIDsafe app.