A Ryan Rant – Episode 124 – Holy Hildebrand, Moloch!


Whilst working the graveyard shift this week I noticed old Julie Nathan over at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry was doing her best to frame viral videos of Jews coofing on people around the world as being some sort of criteria for COVID-19 specific “Antisemitism”.

This coincidently coincided with reports about organised psychiatry further trying to formalise a path for “antisemitism” to be classified as a psychopathology in which to give wider legal scope to vexatiously litigious persons and groups, such as those which emanate from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Meanwhile your XYZ was holding some feminist Victorian government official to account for conflating coronavirus with the arrival of European colonialists. I couldn’t help but put forward the obvious question as to what would happen if Julie Nathan’s mob was on the receiving end of such a comparison.

Joe Hildebrand, one of Australia’s leading lanky neoliberal butt-goys, also felt compelled to weigh in on the debate, but got his jimmies rustled when I objectively outlined that Joe has made a career maligning the White working-class of Australia as evil pariahs (which ironically is not dissimilar to what is expressed by the likes of ECAJ).

Jimmies rustled, Joe who has enriched himself significantly by schmoozing up to pernicious Zionist media outlets, appeared to not want to comment further when I responded to his commentary about the issues surrounding poverty.

Perhaps Joe with his millions of dollars in assets and access to a multi-billion dollar media network didn’t want to square-off with some “dumb racist” epileptic grunt aged care worker, who calls bullshit on his liberal biased pontifications from TV land.

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