Globalism And Antiwhitism: The Twin Enemies Of Humanity


United we stand. Diversity we fall.”

Who would want Australians to fall?

Both Globalists and Antiwhites have a stake in the destruction of the Australian people.

What is Globalism?

Globalism is the economic system where multinational banking and corporations dominate global economies and see humans as liabilities or assets (consumers). They don’t care if you drink Coke, Pepsi or bottled water so long as you don’t drink tap water.

Globalists hate any form of traditionalism/ nationalism/ protectionism/ sovereignty etc. They want everyone in the world to become atomised units of consumption in a borderless world of free trade.

A sweatshop worker in China on $3 per hour producing junk-food burger paddies for Australia is a liability (money out).

An Australian worker who buys the reheated hamburger paddy in a bun from a drive-through is a consumer (money in).

A ‘traditional’ mother who cooks a beautiful lamb roast with pumpkin, potatoes, peas and gravy is a liability, preventing (through satisfaction) her family from being consumers for the Globalists.

A Fiji islander father who has kasava, taro, kava, Coconuts and fish to feed his family is a liability. He is preventing (through satisfaction) his family from moving to town and becoming ‘sophisticated’ (consumers with loss of traditions).

The objective of high level Globalists with corporations worth more than nations like Australia or Fiji is to collude with other mega corporations to strategically use their money and influence to reduce liabilities and increase consumers. Often the most effective ways of influencing the world to their ends is to fund Non Government Organisations, charities, foundations, think-tanks, media, both sides of politics and activist groups.

Globalists fund and influence all sides of politics. Conservatives are influenced to become ‘free marketeers’ (free movement of goods). Leftists are influenced to become humanitarian advocates (free movement of labour). Nationalists are influenced to become Civic Nationalists (“as long as they learn English”).

Cultural Marxist groups are heavily subsidised to harm all forms of national unity. Even ‘Hollywood Nazi’ style skinhead groups are funded occasionally like they were in the Ukraine to oppose the anti Globalist (Russia friendly) candidates.

Most of the people receiving the funding and instructions are mid to low level Globalists who do not see or don’t want to see the big picture. Once their income stream depends of being a Globalist shill they will defend their gravy train viciously.

A feminist director who is getting funding to encourage women to be unsatisfied as traditional housewives raising beautiful families may be a mid level Globalist while her victims are generally low level Globalists (useful idiots). She compels women to get divorced and start careers in factories and call centres. Her victims work in cubicles all day, then buy their obese, transgender children junk food on the way home from work. They are now all consumers.

OK, so I can understand why Globalists hate traditionalists, nationalists, heterosexual families, healthy and happy, contented people but why are they so anti-white? Why are they targeting white majority counties with their Globalist policies more than third world countries?

Third worlders don’t consume very much in their countries but if they bring one to Australia they have effectively added one consumer unit to the Globalists’ economy. He will rent that apartment, buy that big TV and encourage people to spend more on security and gates to keep themselves safe from his children. If he has no work the extra women that feminists have put in cubicals will fund his consumption via welfare with their extra tax payed.

The non-white immigrants become not only consumers but are used as assets by the Globalists to erode and destroy the unity of the nation even more and will spend all their waking hours trying to bring more consumers into the country from the third world. This is why the Globalists’ mantra states ‘Diversity is our greatest strength’. Making us diverse is ‘their’ greatest strength.

Is there any difference between Globalists and Anti-Whites?

Yes. Anti-Whites are programmed to hate white people and promote Globalist policies out of vengeance. Most Anti-Whites in Australia both white or non-white would never advocate Globalist policies for any other people but white people. They do it to harm white children. Anti-Whites promote unity amongst the Chinese or Muslim or Indian communities even in Australia but diversity (division) amongst whites.

Have you ever heard an Anti-White say that West Papua should be flooded by Africans, Arabs, Indians, Muslims, Chinese or other Indonesian races to make West Papua stronger and enriched? Never!

They only say that white majority countries should be flooded by non-whites to make us stronger or richer or better humanitarians or to do the jobs that we don’t want to do or (insert the excuse of the day here).

We need to identify anyone who advocates for the harm and destruction of our people and label them as Anti-Whites whether their motivations are hatred or just Globalist policy.

Not all Greens are Anti-White Globalist shills. Some genuinly care about the environment and humanity but their leaders certainly don’t. They promote Globalist and Anti-White policies even if they harm the environment like mass third world immigration. They are totally opposed to any form of Australian nationalism. Watch the former Greens leader slam last year’s ‘It’s OK to be white’ bill, then watch this hypocrite, with no self awareness, promote West Papuan Nationalists and the raising of the Morning Star flag. Notice they don’t allow Fraser Anning to speak?

We are consistent. We believe that all peoples have the right to preserve their race and culture and no-one has the right to harm, exploit or genocide any other peoples.