XYZ Live #111 – How to Bankrupt the Economy in 6 Months


As usual our focus was on the Chinese Diversity Flu crisis, with relation to the following topics:

  • Giving everybody money will lead to runaway inflation and bankruptcy.
  • The likelihood of war between America and China.
  • Globalists telling fake news about nationalists spreading fake news.
  • Globalists pushing for one world government to deal with the global pandemic.
  • The Book of Revelations tells the story lf the cycle of civilisations.
  • Propertarianism may be a handy tool but its proponents are godless atheists,

On Sunday night, Matty went into more depth analysing the globalists’ attempts to frame the Diversity Flu narrative, and as usual to frame ordinary Aussies who just want our country back as extreme far right extremists.

You will find the latest episode of Murdoch Murdoch here.

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