The Estimate of the Situation Part 2: The Right to Self Determination


The Golem

In Part I of this series I outlined the basic facts which prove that the Australian People are a distinct and unique ethnic group, rather than a mere conglomeration of other peoples from around the world. In Part II, I will attempt to briefly outline the legal concept of self-determination as it applies to International Law, before finally outlining how the Australian people have had this most fundamental human right stolen from us.

Self Determination

Self-determination denotes the legal right of a people to decide their own destiny in the international order. Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognised as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties, most notably, self-determination is protected in the United Nations Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a right of ‘all peoples’.

At the core of the right of a people to self-determination is the right of that people to determine their own destiny. It means that a people has the right to choose its own political system and the status of individual members within that system, as well as the right of the people to determine their own economic, cultural and social systems, direction of development and ultimate goals as a nation of people. More often than not, though not in every case, it involves a people’s legitimate claim to control a particular and definable geographically limited territory – such as the country of Australia, for example. In plain-speak: a people’s right to self-determination is nothing less than their right to be free from domination or oppression from any other people and to live in peace and self-determined freedom in their traditional homelands.

There is probably no other right in international law that is greater or more important than a people’s right to self-determination. As a legal concept its history can be traced to antiquity, and has more than any other right, been the basis for the traditional notion of the ‘Just War’ and in its modern form, the War of Liberation. All peoples of the world throughout history have almost without exception agreed that just as all people have a right to determine their own destiny, they also have a right to defend that right whenever or however it might be impinged upon or taken away, whether by external enemies or home-grown tyrants.

The Betrayal

When considering the position of Australia and the Australian people, particularly in relation to events that have unfolded during the past five or so decades, there is clearly an issue to be addressed, that is not being addressed, and has never been addressed. I know you know where I am going with this.

The Australian people developed into a distinct nation of people in unchallenged possession and control of the Australian continent for the first 172 years of European settlement; so roughly from 1788 to about 1960. We had become a nation of people over time. Of course, the Irish hated the English, the English hated the Irish and the Scots hated everyone, but to see them walking up and down the high street they had become indistinguishable from one another within a matter of two generations; they had become ‘the Australians’. Had we been left alone to continue that evolution there is no doubt at all that our destiny would have continued to unfold as it had been: a nation of pioneers that created a country to be proud of and to provide for our descendants one of the highest standards of living in the modern world – and then it was all deliberately steered off its course and towards a ravine.

The Australian people were betrayed, starting during the nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies, by an unelected cabal of internationalists intent on wrecking our nation and turning it into a mere branch office of a great globalisation experiment in multiculturalism.

There has never at any time, ever been held a vote of the Australian people for the purpose of determining whether they wished to continue on the path of development that had led to such a great country with such a high standard of living, or whether they wished to embark upon, and then whether they wished to continue with, the great multicultural experiment that had been imposed upon us. No vote, no plebiscite, no referendum. Even the Immigration Restriction Act 1959 was quietly and subtly pulled to pieces by Ministerial declarations of new Regulations and by the devious manipulation of an Australian Public Service and Australian Broadcasting Corporation that was utterly riddled full of fanatical Communists and subversive Marxist traitors who were ‘in on the joke’ right from its inception.

The Result

The result has been irreparable damage to our living standard, our culture, identity and way of life. That might not be such an outrage had it been undertaken by the Australian people themselves in a state of suicidal folly; but it was most certainly not. It was done without the consent or approval of the Australian people and not withstanding regular and multiple objections from members of the public. All objections were dismissed as the ravings of uneducated bigots who knew nothing of how to manage the prosperous future that awaited Australia and the perils that awaited us if we failed to heed the expert advice to rapidly open our borders to the world at large if we wanted any hope of a place in the modern world to come. What a disaster that crime against the Australian people has become! Just look at the state we are in now!

I can think of no more egregious example of the modern trampling of a people’s right to self determination than what has been done to the Australian people, completely against their will, during the past fifty years.