Liberal Debt


Back in April 2019 the Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that after 12 years of deficit budgets we were returning to surplus.

Clip is: 1 minute, 9 seconds long

Today it is revealed that instead of being in surplus we are still in deficit. 14-billion over budget this year. The government has said that the bushfires and cornonavirus have pushed them over the edge. How’s this for an idea, how about not telling us that there is a surplus before we actually get into surplus.

Last month Treasurer Frydenberg, Australia’s first Jewish Treasurer, decided to insult the opposition’s budget this way.

Clip is 2 minutes long

Which is a bit hypocritical as he is so concerned with any criticism of Jews. Back in October 2019 he called for more education on the Holocaust because of two bullying incidents in Melbourne schools. One was anti-semitic, a Muslim student made a Jewish student kiss his shoes and it was photographed. The photograph is in the article linked above. The other was by a 5 year old; what does a 5 year old know about antisemitism?

It’s absurd.

Bizarrely the article by SBS, Australia multicultural broadcaster has a typo where ‘billions’ has been written instead of millions.

But what really offends me is the idea that the Liberal Party has any moral grounds to pretend that it is prudent. That it is a good financial manager, that is simply no longer true. The Liberal Party is every bit as bad as the Labor Party.

The days when the Liberal Party could claim to be better are long gone. This reminds me of full employment, they talked about returning to full employment for two decades and then they stopped. They had fooled enough people for long enough that people no longer took any notice. Debt and the Liberal Party are on the same path.

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