Gay marriage – it was always about the children


An old conservative curmudgeon who lives in a small, rural town in South East Nebraska has a detailed article examining the impact of the Australian gay marriage vote two years on. What he finds is not good at all. He has many examples of people being persecuted for wrong-think as regards homosexuality, from sportspeople and other prominent public figures to members of the medical profession. This informal and unorganised bullying is about to take an official form with legislation before the Queensland parliament which will make ‘gay conversion therapy’ illegal.

“That means specialists would be prohibited from doing anything to stymie physical and hormonal ‘transition’ to a preferred gender (the so-called “affirmative” model). Therapists and clinicians who help such youngsters accept their own physical sexuality over against a chosen identity could be imprisoned for up to 18 months. Imprisoned.“

Talking a child out of their natural sexual identity is perfectly fine and encouraged. But attempting to counsel a confused individual to revert a homosexual decision will be punishable with imprisonment.

But there was no slippery slope, remember? The gay marriage vote was just about feelings and letting the poor homos have their marriage moment in the sun. Silly people.

Back to the curmudgeon’s article.

“This is something I couldn’t have pictured even two short years ago. Around Australia, publicly funded libraries have been organising Drag Queen Story Time events in order to ‘promote diversity and inclusion’. Social commentator Lyle Shelton recently profiled some of the drag queens being recruited by Australian libraries.“

He follows up with numerous examples of the frightful and alarming sexual backgrounds of these supposedly harmless storytellers. And then we have children getting gender conversion therapy in alarming numbers. The whole thing is a homo nightmare and the Curmudgeon is upset with himself that he didn’t call it correctly at the time of the vote.

“Apparently the debate we had two years ago wasn’t just about two people getting married. In a very short space of time, it has become about the legacies of sports heroes being erased. Christian schools being sued. Drag queens reading to kids in government libraries. Children’s bodies being transformed beyond recognition. This may be the biggest “I told you so moment” in Australian legal history. Except I can’t say those words, because I was silent when it mattered.“

Well, I wasn’t. So I can say that I told you so. Who would have thought it? Old Adam was right once again.

“With state endorsed sodomy the first thing that will change will be the sudden increase of ordinary people being prosecuted for wrong-think. This will coincide with a reduction of religious freedoms for any religion that does not begin with the letter I.

“We will also have the situation where homosexuality will be promoted as a viable and healthy alternative to being a square and shacking up with someone of the opposite sex. State sanctioned sodomy means equivocating that homosexuality is the moral equal to heterosexuality.

“Where will this be taught? In schools, dear friends. In schools. The last 40 years have already been confusing enough for all the little tikes out there. What with fault free divorce, and divorce not affecting children, and mummy has another boyfriend now, and over 40% of children being born out of wedlock, and daddy is an evil vile monster who must and will be punished by the courts for the crime of continuing to exist after being told to stop by his wife; we will now have a bunch of new challenges to add for all the kiddies to grapple with.

“Specifically the kiddies will be taught that growing up and marrying someone of your own sex is just as healthy and happy and wonderful as marrying someone of the opposite sex. This will happen without fail because of the other nebulous progressive argument which is love. So for all of you parents and future parents, be prepared for little Johnny to be taught from a young age that he can choose to marry little Tommy when he grows up if he wants and that nobody will think bad of him.”

Not only did I get it right, I got it really right. Which makes me sad because I didn’t want to be right on this one. Why would I wish the misery of a homosexual life on innocent children, let alone the horror of gender conversion. But it was always going to be this way. Homosexuals have no end point, no step on the path where they will be satisfied and retire from their public activism to a life of colostomy bags. No, they can only go on and on in their evil and diabolical obsession to convert all of those around them to their sick and twisted Satanic perversion.

The reason that they target children is because homosexuals are parasites on society. They will not naturally have children of their own so they must prey on the children of heterosexual couples, known as ‘breeders’ in the gay world which is an invective. As I wrote in that article, marriage exists not for the two people conjoined but for the protection and well being of the children of such a union. Many people who voted in favor of gay marriage did so with a naivety that this was only about individual rights. But in doing so they have unleashed a Pandora’s box which threatens to remove their children’s rights and their rights to their own children.

Truly, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. My only hope is that the homo bloc will go so far and so fast that ordinary people will rise up and that the damage done will cause homosexuality to be banished once again to the extreme margins where it deservedly belongs. Too bad about all those innocent kids who become victims along the way. But as I stated two years ago, this was only ever about the children.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.