All hail Duterte


The Other McCain has an interesting piece up about The Philippines.

“Did you know that the European Union is funding a Communist insurgency in the Philippines? Did you know that more environmental activists were killed in the Philippines than in any other country?”

By environmental activists he means dirty commie scum. Kill a commie and make God happy. McCain then links to Wikipedia and its page on the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte.

“Frequently described as a populist and a nationalist, Duterte’s political success has been aided by his vocal support for the extrajudicial killing of drug users and other criminals. Human rights groups have documented over 1,400 killings allegedly by death squads operating in Davao between 1998 and May 2016 . . . A 2009 report by the Philippine Commission on Human Rights confirmed the “systematic practice of extrajudicial killings” by the Davao Death Squad.”

Duterte has been in office for roughly the same time as Trump has been president, but we can call Duterte the forgotten man. When he first gained power the western press was all over him, how he was a horrible individual who was guilty of “human rights” abuses, blah blah blah, you know the drill. This went on for some time until suddenly it didn’t. From rather a lot of coverage the news went deathly quiet on the subject of the Philippine’s far-right leader.

The reason for the absence of news is down to how effective his policies have been, particularly as regards law and order. Duterte has a zero tolerance policy for drug dealers, drug users, and drugs in general. Which means that the police simply gun them down in the street. No long trials, no messy incarceration periods where the criminals can form their own powerful gangs while behind bars and then cause havoc in the country, (hello Mexico!)

Reading McCain’s piece today gave me a bit of a jolt because I had meant to write on this topic but it had slipped my mind. A couple of months ago I spent a few days on a couple of offshore energy support vessels for work. On both vessels the catering crew were Filipino. I really like working with these guys. Filipinos are the funniest of the Asian races, they’re really hard working and generally pretty darn switched on. I get on very well with them and I had the opportunity for a few casual but candid discussions with some of them while I was on board.

I was speaking to one of the Filipinos in a private conversation when he brought up the subject of his president. He was most fulsome in his praise. Under Duterte the streets are now safe. His kids can happily play on the streets. Business is going well, and particularly without the criminal element extorting money from small family concerns. The man was so enthusiastic that I decided to ask a few other of the Filipino crew what they thought. I made sure to do it in private conversations so they wouldn’t feel pressured by those around them; I wanted to really know what their thoughts were on this guy.

To a man they love Duterte. One guy said that in the beginning he didn’t like the president; he had not voted for him and he considered him to be a bad guy. But now he was most enthusiastic in his support. Their quality of life has improved immeasurably under their leader’s policies. The conversations really left an impression on me.

So to read McCain’s article today where he details open European Union support and funding for revolutionary communist groups in the Philippines, makes me just want to beat my head against a wall in frustration. I think about those lovely Filipinos that I had the pleasure and privilege to work with for a few days, at how happy they are with their country and leader, and how the EU wants to destroy that for no better reason than globalism. I simply can’t wait for the EU to collapse in a heap of refuse.

So, all hail Duterte. A man who gets things done. A man in the line of The Donald. May there be more like him.

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