Protesting the Left Gets You Arrested


If you live outside of Australia you might never have heard of Neil Erikson. He has his fans and his detractors on the Right. The Left hate him with a passion because he uses their tactics against them. He likes to put a fly into their ointment. Things like crashing a Left wing council meeting and protesting their protests.

The 26th January is Australia Day, the day Australians celebrate our country. The Left however has been pushing the lie that it is Invasion Day. A day of mourning for the Aboriginal people. They say that ‘we need to change the date’. But anyone with half a brain knows that no day is acceptable to them. This is what they do, they destroy. The very first ‘day of mourning’ was organised back in 1938 for the 150th Anniversary of the First Fleet, by the Communist Party.

Today Neil Erikson was on the steps of Flinders Street Station wrapped in an Australian flag. The Left wing protestors were going to pass by that spot so the police asked him to move on. When he refused he was arrested.

They are allowed to protest us, but we are not allowed to protest them!

Victoria police always go out of their way to accommodate the Left. It is the Left who cause the violence, the disruptions and the law breaking. But they are allowed to march anytime they want. They are even allowed to protest our national day without a worry in the world. They are allowed to attack police time after time without consequence. When it comes to to moving someone along it is always our side who the police bully into silence.

This film footage goes for just under 5 minutes and for the first half the audio is terrible, the second half shows his arrest.

Why is the Left allowed to protest but we are not allowed to protest them?

Originally published at Upon Hope.