What Can You Do Today?


Mike Rusade

We all know what’s wrong with the world. We need to get back on our feet, pull our collective heads in, and start offering alternatives to everything. The revival of traditional thought among Westerners is accelerating at a good pace, but those who oppose it are also ramping up their efforts to remove us from their platforms and circles. There is an increasing need to develop parallel infrastructure to support the Western revival, some of which will require very specialised skills. How can we start disconnecting from the clown world matrix? What can you do to help us lessen our dependency on those who hate us? In this article I present two lists, What We Have and What We Need. There is an alternative short list at the end of things you should NOT do to save money for yourself while living in clown world.

Here’s a short list of what we already have, but could always use more of:

– Entertainment: Podcasts and videos are very popular. But you could start a traditionalist podcast, get some guests, play some music from your friends bands, and discuss politics, fitness advice, and even paranormal stories.

– News networks: Gab Trends can be used to replace Drudge Report, and sites like XYZ, ZeroHedge and American Sun provide good news and analysis. This is the 21st century and we have a lot more options than 6PM bulletins and broadsheets. It’s now possible to totally avoid fake news.

– Writers: There are lots of modern authors now producing inspiring new works in addition to the great library of classics that the Western canon offers. Second hand bookstores have unedited copies of great works for very cheap. If you want to write, a novel is about 100,000 words, or 400 pages, but you could also write anything from history to short stories.

– Musicians: The most popular genres on the right seem to be synthwave, metal, martial, rap, and folk. But don’t fret, because this field is already established and expanding.

– Political parties: These are almost ubiquitous, and more parties aren’t needed, but you can offer your services. We need more people holding local offices pulling the collapse in our favour. Apply for voluntary positions in councils, environmental groups, etc., and be subtle.

– Social networks/hosting sites: Gab, Minds, BitChute, RationalRise, UnauthorisedTV, etc., but the market for this is still huge. “Free speech alternative to x” is almost a cliche at this point. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest are huge with our female counterparts, and they can often feel very isolated in their views. This would be a good opportunity to develop something new for them.

All the above are well covered, but still have opportunities for growth. There’s a much larger dissident culture than we sometimes like to admit to ourselves – a lot of people are dissatisfied. Although we aren’t there yet, we can grow into a fully fleshed out alternative to what we still consider the mainstream. We need these alternatives, and while there’s a lot of work to be done, some of them can be started in your spare time.

Here’s a list of areas where you can really make a difference:

– Organise a festival for underground right wing musicians or artists. It’s a great way to network and get people inspired.

– Set up a PirateBox network, or learn about Packet Radio networks. Start replacing the world wide web with your own. Don’t replicate your work on the WWW, make it exclusive so people have to use your network to see it.

– Create an alternative to PayPal that won’t withold service from our guys. If you have a lot of money, start a Christian Free Loans society. This requires a lot of knowhow, so don’t do it unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

– Set up an employment network. Be careful not to violate the draconian equal opportunity employment laws, but always make sure our guys can get work. Some societies are already doing this.

– Run an editing/publishing house for EPUB/Kindle formats. If you’ve got the money, start a printing press for paperbacks.

– Grow your own food, or create furniture and ornaments with wood and metal, and sell at community markets.

– Start a microbrewery and revive old forms of beer and ale that haven’t been drunk for centuries. Also take orders from hipsters and get their money in exchange for craft beers flavoured with toffee and hints of summer berries, tuna oil and freshly mowed lawn clippings, or whatever they drink.

– Learn to sew and tailor, then start a clothing company. As you gain means, source purely Australian textiles and support our industries. It isn’t very trad to wear a $10 graphic tee made in Pakistan, so provide an alternative.

– Start a traditional architecture firm, offering to build in Queenslander, Federation, Classical, Gothic, etc. styles.

– Start a security company and use the muscle prevalent in our movement. Learn the UN conventions and start a civil defense organisation – these are explicitly allowed to protect specific ethnic groups.

– Create an advertising network that can provide banners on websites and apps for bloggers and web designers to use. Only admit ads from our creators.

– Start a software development company with some friends and take on contracts. Hire kids fresh out of university if they fit company culture, before we lose their talent to overseas.

Imagine all these working together in concert. Imagine there was one blockchain currency that the Right settled on using, a purpose-built bitcoin, and think about what you would really need the Australian Dollar for once all this was running. Right now, the main thing holding people back from bitcoin and its relatives is that once you have it, what do you do with it? There needs to be a viable exchange for it. You could produce something, charge bitcoins for it, and then use those to buy something else you needed from someone who you could trust was working in your best interests. But bitcoin isn’t really essential, just another idea. All of these require us to change our attitude to buying and selling. It means saving up and being very careful about what we consume, but ultimately this is better for us because it corrects the damage to the working man’s wage that globalisation has caused – the honest truth is that a shirt should cost $80 and last for years, if you know who made it, you won’t mind paying that much. We will also need to lower our expectations a little while infrastructure develops, because skilled as we might be we can’t quite match the vast amount of talent the mainstream has absorbed, not yet at least, so some things will be a little lower quality.

What if you are struggling to get on your feet? How can you majorly cut costs or help out the nationalist cause with just a bit of courage and hard work? There are several dubiously legal things you cannot do so I will NOT recommend you do any of these:

– DO NOT live out of an old van and park it in obscure locations. I disavow loitering and illegal parking. And for goodness sake don’t put solar panels on the roof! After water, electricity, mortgage, rates, etc. you might save close to $20,000 a year by this method but don’t do this because it’s not legal.

– DO NOT use beach or gym showers and coin laundries exclusively. I totally disavow disconnecting from the water companies! Hardworking taxpayers and recently arrived GDP-boosting migrants have to subsidise publicly available water with their taxes, so don’t take advantage of their kindness.

– DO NOT attempt to live out of a tent in hard to reach areas and cook over an open fire. This would be reckless, possibly illegal and silly. The peace and quiet would drive you mad. I disavow!

– DO NOT commute by bicycle as much as possible. Public transport is very affordable and full of nice people. There’s literally no such thing as traffic. I disavow your self sufficiency.

– DO NOT send all your mail to a relative or PO Box! You might need a street address for some things and your location must be easily tracked for your own safety so I disavow doing this.

– DO NOT buy refurbished or used ex-government laptops and install Linux on them to save money, only Apple and Microsoft have your best interests at heart! Disavow!

– DO NOT attempt to make hydroelectric generators out of old washing machines and put them on perennial streams! Especially do not hook up a regulator and battery bank. Only the government can protect the environment and generate electricity! Big disavow, yikes.

– DO NOT pay exclusively in cash, nor use bitcoins etc. This would make it impossible for the government to claim tax, which is illegal. I know I wrote something about it above but that was purely theoretical so I DISAVOW doing this in real life.

– DO NOT live and work in South East Asia making apps and software to sell to Western buyers! This would exploit the exchange rates due to their poor economy and is probably illegal! Disavowed.

– DO NOT claim to be a transwoman or ethnic minority to get a leg up in hiring. That would be very discriminatory so obviously I disavow doing that.

– DO NOT start up an antifa chapter under a fake identity and false flag boomer conservatives while siphoning money from George Soros. I don’t know if that’s actually illegal but I disavow anyway.

As you can see, there are many ways to get in trouble, so don’t do anything illegal. But there are also plenty of opportunities in the other lists that you can jump into and start creating things that people will be happy to see. Think about the music, videos, podcasts, and social networks you use that are specifically created for people like us. What would you do without them? You have an opportunity to create something just as indispensable in any of the abovementioned fields. Ironically, many of these are actually easier to make a living off than the fields that are already well filled, so long as you keep it under the radar and don’t call your vineyard “Wine Australia Policy” or your tailoring company “The Finer Solution”.

Don’t do this. Source.

For the ambitious and enterprising, there is a desperate market out there that wants to support you. So long as you don’t become an exploitative globalist, you can offer good products and services while making an honest living and knowing that you aren’t pouring money into the black hole of clown world. This works best as a two-pronged approach, with some of us providing exclusive goods and services in industries like the above, and others infiltrating the mainstream at all levels like the Freemasons did. Keep in mind, however, that as we starve the beast it will become increasingly desperate, but that is a problem that can be addressed when it arises. If any nationalists reading this have solutions like the above ready in the coming months, keep your head down, but let us all know so we can help you out, and be sure to do the same for us.