Single mothers are the untouchables of Western society


The Z Man has an article up on conservative feminism. His take is that feminism is bad across the board, but as in all things, conservatives adopted the left’s previous talking points as their own. Which is why we have so-called conservative women who swear, shoot guns, drink in the bar with the boys, and vote for Trump. Or as The Z Man puts it, “The idealized conservative women is now 1970’s Clint Eastwood with a vagina and some tasteful nudes on her social media profile.”

The point is that any degree of feminism is a bad thing. It’s bad because it is an entry point and the only way forward is downhill. It’s also bad because men and women are not in any way equal. Rather, they are complimentary. Pretending otherwise undermines the traditional roles of men and women, also known as masculinity and femininity. In what possible way could women shooting guns and swearing be considered feminine at all, let alone conservative.

The other side of the coin is the upper middle class woman who married a powerful man, has a family and votes conservative, but who claims to be a feminist. This sort of moron is ubiquitous in the upper class areas of Australian cities. The ones that I was unfortunate enough to encounter were also dedicated alcoholics, without which the entire Australian Chardonnay industry would collapse overnight.

This stylised “you go girl!” fate for young females is as much a danger to one’s daughters as the assault on masculinity is to one’s sons. Feminism was about setting women free, but what it actually achieved was the opposite. Women were actually free when raising a family, but now they’re slaves not just to corporate jobs but also to the consequences of their poor choices. The endless promotion of the glories of being a single mother over the last 25 years was not an accident. It was designed to entrap women in a vicious cycle of poor decisions. Why it was done can be endlessly debated, but the destruction of the traditional family unit is as good as any argument.

If you’re set on destroying the family unit then by default you will be destroying people’s lives as well.

The following 3 minute video encapsulates this quite succinctly.

It is simply not possible to argue that this woman’s fate is an improvement over what she would have had to put up with in the 1950s. But not only is it all over for her, she also has children in the picture. The ramifications of her fate will spill down over the next generations, and undoubtedly her own family background would plot a similar line of self-destruction.

These women are now banding together and attempting to form “female dating strategies” which is barely hidden code for how much do we hate men. Any currently single man who is pining for female company would do well to scroll through some of the posts on that reddit as that is a guaranteed method for staving off temporary madness. These women are the new untouchables of Western society, they just don’t fully know it yet. Expect them to subscribe to magazines called Happiness which is a real thing in the Netherlands.

The dating scene here in the Netherlands is full of ruined women. One of the reasons for this is that the Netherlands was an early convert to the masculinization of women through university. One of the most popular dating sites here is Elite Dating, which sells itself as the top tier of dating sites. In fact, you have to be approved by the site itself before you can begin using their services. This screening process is a way of convincing the users that they are getting top value for their dating time.

For women, if you don’t have a university degree then you basically won’t be considered. In other words, a “high value woman” over here by design possesses a university degree. I would have thought that youth and beauty would be a guaranteed method to get on the site for the girls, but it isn’t so. On the front page in Dutch is the following announcement:


Our members have a high level of education on average.

For a man looking for a woman with which to have a serious relationship, a woman with a university degree is a bad bet. Leaving aside the obvious attached debt level, going to university implies getting a career, but this is masculine behavior. A woman does not go to university so as to be a wife, have babies and look after the house, (although in the future when universities are getting really desperate I have no doubt that they will offer such a degree).

Conservatives spruik feminist attitudes towards women with scarcely a second thought. Any nominally conservative woman who shoots a gun and utters the words, “muh patriotism”, will be immediately held up as a glorious example of the right type of woman. The numbers of conservatives who are proud that their daughter serves in the military is beyond belief. But a life pretending to tote a gun with the lads is a pathetic and awful future for any woman, simply because by doing so she is not a woman.

A real high value woman is a debt free virgin without tattoos. Anything else is soiled goods, and feminism is the fastest and easiest way of soiling women. In that regard, all women are indeed equal. Equal in their misery.

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