Conservatives are the gamma males of the right


This is a somewhat depressing post from Dalrock, an unwelcome reminder that as far as feminism goes the rot truly has set in very deep indeed. There is an exercise bike brand that has released a commercial where a husband gives one as a gift to his wife who then proceeds to use it to make herself look even better for her husband, thus making both of them happy. Sounds pretty ordinary to me, but in the world of backwards male and female relationships, a wife working to make herself more desirable to her husband is a very bad thing.

First, the commercial in question.

I am sure that you would expect the drooling feminist prog harpies and all of their cohorts on the left to be seething with anger at such a bare-faced affront to their collective sensitivities. That’s simply par for the course. But what Dalrock has highlighted is that it is those on the right who are baying for blood just as loudly as the progs. This simply highlights the now common truth that conservatism exists only to make liberal wrecking ball policies more palatable to the general population. What is a lunatic liberal viewpoint today will in five years time be conservative cant.

Writing at PJ Media, the basement-dweller looking Stephen Kruiser laments at such awful creepiness being allowed to exist.

“Honestly, after weeks of nothing but impeachment news, Peloton may have just saved America’s collective sanity by letting this be the focus of a post-long-weekend Monday. This fictional frightened woman’s yearlong journey to lose the 14 ounces of water weight that her husband the good Doctor Mengele insists she musts is the Christmas miracle that a news-weary world needs.”

To finish off he leaves viewers with the following image:

This is just pure gamma behavior; the pathetic male who snipes at the husband who expects his wife to have standards for him, all in the secret hope that she will discover her senses and leave him for the worthy gamma prince in waiting. Never mind about all those biblical laws about not coveting your neighbor’s wife and all that other pesky stuff.

Dalrock seems to be in quiet despair at all this:

“What I find disturbing is that none of these men can imagine a wife wanting to please her husband, and feeling grateful for a much loved (not to mention expensive) gift. I don’t know a kind way to put this, but I don’t think they understand what they are giving away here. It is fully natural for a woman to want to look good for her man, and to yearn to please him. When it happens it is a truly beautiful thing for both the man and the woman. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some hard bitten ugly feminists who would never deign to please any man, but that such a woman is far more of a twisted outlier than these men can fathom. This also isn’t to say that even in excellent marriages the wife will always be intent on pleasing her husband. But what these men see as twisted is a truly wonderful thing when it occurs, for both the husband and the wife.”

I watched the commercial after reading all the associated links and what I found amazing was how the finished product in no way bore any resemblance to the public criticism. She gets on the bike a lot and is happy one year later that she looks trim. I mean, coming from the USA which is the nation of land whales personified, you would assume that one single woman working to keep herself thin would be a cause of nationwide celebration.

But no; a woman working to please her husband and living in adoration of her husband is now verboten on both sides of the political world. Is it any wonder that divorce rates are off the charts?

Couple that with this ad from KFC and let’s stick a fork in white relationships because they’re done.

In the face of this outright race baiting, what is amazing about the Peloton commercial is that it got made in the first place. It seems that there is still a single ad agency in the world that hasn’t been pozzed into oblivion.

Remember, the way that conservatives work in five years time if KFC would release the same commercial only this time the white girl kisses the white guy then our fearless conservatives would immediately begin screaming to the heavens that such a thing was creepy. At this point they’re not only no better than the libtard progs, they’re worse.

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