Your backyard is an endangered ecosystem


Yesterday’s post about a man who went to jail for clearing hazardous scrub on his own land against the threat of bush fires was supposed to be my final one on this topic. But then reader Dan ruined that idea by leaving this comment:

“I am suffering this in Oz, won’t mention where, I have had local authorities assess my land for clearing and “discover” it is a state and federally protected endangered ecosystem.

“This ecosystem pre white man had 50 trees per hectare (parkland) but mine has about 1000. Its overrun scrub with native and non native invasive species and becoming worse.

“I am not so much has allowed to cut down 1 tree without a federal OK. Half my 300 farm is not able to be farmed. When it goes up in fire, and it will, it will wipe itself out.

“Rather than have a landholder manage it, they prefer it destroyed. Like everything they touch.”

Once again, the process is the punishment. This is an important comment from a man who is suffering the very travails of which I have written.

Dan states that his land was assessed by local authorities and that they happened to discover that it was an endangered ecosystem. Here’s the rub for this gigantic fraud:

Every piece of land on the planet, every square inch of ground, can be assessed as an endangered ecosystem.

The game is played like this: morons clutching some piece of paper from a higher institution of brainwashing know just enough to be dangerous. That is, plants and animals adapt themselves to their habitats. But what is the defined minimum size of such an ecosystem? There is none. So your very backyard can be classified as a unique ecosystem because some bug changed itself slightly to avoid being stepped on all the time by your kids. Truly, this is how they operate.

In this way every building development, mining operation, or simple farmer wanting to manage his own land can be blocked on environmental grounds under biodiversity laws. These regulations have done more to remove property rights from individuals than anything else in the last 300 years. Prince John would have been impressed. In other words, as soon as you let the bastards on your land, you’re stuffed, mate. Because they will find something, and the more trouble you give them then the more that they will find. And it is unchallengable.

Readers might think that now I’m just banging on for the sake of it. How many articles can this clown write on the same subject? But this injustice goes to the very heart of what ails Australia and many other countries. A massive unchecked and unaccountable government bureaucracy that is well on its way to completely eroding the individual rights of the citizens of the nation.

Your average country town bureaucrat in Australia has a salary in the 6 figures. A few years ago I met a woman in Albany, Western Australia whose job was to answer the phone at a government department. 6 figures. Her and her husband were boasting about the latest Range Rover that they were going to buy. It had to be the white model. They lived on a large block of land outside town which was overgrown with scrub but they were blissful in their ignorance. It was hard to keep a straight face as they droned on and on about the environment.

The numbers of the ludicrously named public servants rise exponentially every year. And while a good many of them are lazy, unfortunately there are many who are industrious and they must find something to do. Couple that with some rubbish science degree and a complete belief in their own stupidity and you have a real problem.

As I have already stated, these bush fires were caused by man. They were caused by landholders being blocked from managing their own lands. Reader TechieDude left the following comment the other day on that piece:

“Growing up, my neighbor was from the blue ridge mountains. A hillbilly. He was a hard working, no nonsense dude, a hell of a mentor. He had land bordering the national forest. He and his brothers had “dead and down” permits which allowed them to go into the forest and clear out all the dead trees. It’s how the family would heat their homes all winter. From time to time, I’d go with him and help.

“Collect a few shekels for permits, and let hundreds crawl through the forest, clearing it out. It was a hell of a program.

“You know what else they did?

“Plant trees. Why? to attract game for hunting. Walnut, Oak, even Pine. I’ve spend days walking through his 20 acres of forest, planting seedlings.

“It’s called proper stewardship.”

From bicycle helmet laws to land management, Australians are treated like unworthy children. State lands are declared national parks so as to exclude humans from the environment, as if we ourselves were some invasive species. Ultimately they want us gone, but in their totalitarian arrogance they have given no thought to what might come after.

A couple of years ago a rugged old Aussie farmer who had finally had enough took a gun and shot a government environmental officer who was on his farm. He got 35 years. What more can I say?

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