No nut November


Didact wrote an article about the big new thing in the world of young men on the internets which is called, No Nut November. The perennially unshaven Paul Joseph Watson has a short video about it.

The key is that it is a pledge by young men to avoid porn and thus not jerk off. The avoiding porn part is the really important bit. Porn is very bad for you in many varied ways, and young guys are beginning to wake up to its inherent dangers.

So maybe you’re wondering what the big deal is. Some young men band together to reach a personal goal that is admirable, so what? Well, it’s got to do with the collective reactions of our good enemies, the progs.

As Didact writes:

“The SJWs of the world react by calling a refusal to masturbate fascist!!!11!!, and a refusal to watch porn misogynistic!!!!!!

“These are the same SJWs who say that pr0n objectifies women and reduces them to sex objects, and now they object to men not wanting to turn women into sex objects.

“In other words – by exercising a bit of restraint, men got SJWs to defend degeneracy and completely contradict themselves.”

Yes, the progressives are actually up in arms that young men would desist from spanking the monkey while watching porn. Didact delights in the incongruity of it all, but I take a more somber view. SJWs aren’t contradicting themselves here at all. If you dig a bit deeper then it becomes far more sinister.

Porn keeps young men under control and greatly contributes to them not achieving in the real world. Porn is more or less free by now so I can’t get with the commercial angle. No, it’s there for something else. It’s more than sinister that while progressives use porn to keep the male populace down, at the same time they castigate them for using porn and thus demeaning women, or something. But their cries of misogyny went out the window when an internet fad began of not consuming the product. Now it’s misogynistic to not use porn. Which reveals the true underlying motive behind it all.

I am fortunate in that I have never found porn interesting or exciting. I find it beyond boring; it is a nihilistic world of despair. It is the final step in the act of degrading personal relationships.

Young men need to seriously reconsider their attitude to porn. Jerking off is one thing, but porn is deliberately designed to keep you down. Now that this is out in the open, hopefully it will be easier for young men to make what I think is a critical decision in their lives. As young women who make a pledge to keep their virginity until marriage are mocked by SJWs, so too young men who pledge to not use porn for its intended purpose. In other words, by abstaining from this rubbish it puts you in good company.

If the progressives hate what you’re doing then you’re probably on the correct path. November should just be your starting point.

This article was originally published at on 11/11/19, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.