XYZ Live #77 – Daniel Andrews Betrays Australia and Pushes LGBTQIP+ Propaganda


In 2014 a series of protests made it clear to the Victorian anti-white establishment that a strong proportion of people both in Bendigo and furter afield opposed the construction of a massive mosque in Bendigo. The communist Victorian government led by Daniel Andrews and the compromised Australian legal system has since ensured that the leaders of these protests are constantly harassed via never ending legal action.

Now that construction has started, the Victorian government has made it clear that it is now effectively illegal to protest against the mosque, and that anyone who does will have their lives destroyed.

On last night’s livestream we discussed this totalitarianism, before speculating on how the patrons of said mosque would embrace the Victorian public service’s new guidelines on inclusive language for so-called “LGBTIQ” people.

We also discussed the ideas presented in a TR News attack video against Mark Collett – namely its attempt to redefine nationalism – while doing our best to avoid playing the man.

As usual, our tangents were many and a lot of fun.