Food For Thought – ‘Far Right’ Is Sanity Under Siege In The Asylum


National Public Radio (NPR), the American legacy media outlet run by CEO Jarl Mohn (Every. Single. Time), dished out this loaded headline today:

NPR reports:

“White supremacist, white nationalist, white extremist, sovereign citizen, anti-government, Patriot [movement], neo-Nazis, skinhead. What else?” Jensen asked two of his colleagues, Elizabeth Yates and Patrick James.

“I’ve seen ‘anti-federalist’ recently,” Yates said. “We also deal with a lot of just specifically anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant,” James added. “Kind of xenophobic cases.”

That list, rattled off on the spot, is nowhere near exhaustive, but it shows the complexities of trying to better understand far-right violence, which federal authorities say is the deadliest and most active form of domestic extremism. The labels the researchers use to code attacks are part of a wider debate over what to call the far-right threat — and how politics plays into that debate.

Firstly, if NPR considers it a “threat” to be persuaded by convincing fact-based arguments, such as Judeo-Islamic values being antithetical to White Christians or the SPLC knowingly lying about White genocide, then I suggest they dose up on their Haloperidol and head to their nearest Far-Left safe-space.

Because what Mohn’s minions fail to acknowledge is that the momentum for the so-called “Far Right” is largely fuelled by Far Left fanaticism being given carte blanche control over the corporate controlled noosphere in cyber-space.

Whether it be praising abortion (aka infanticide), giving cross-sex hormones to “transkids”, glorifying STDs, romanticising drug abuse, opening the borders to hostile foreign invaders, rallying to redistribute wealth from producers to mouth-breathers, or framing “minor attraction” (paedophilia) as a part of the “sexual liberation movement”, the Far-Left seeks wholesale communism while chanting “tikkun olam”.

But fear not, polite BBC asset Louis Theroux is being deployed to psychoanalyse those of us with a bad case of “authoritarian personality” disorder:

ABC reports:

Louis Theroux has forged a career interviewing wacky fanatics and weird extremists, but the award-winning documentarian concedes far-right groups have now become more insidious than ridiculous.

“They have been risible, and I have regarded that as one of the reasons it’s been acceptable to talk to them,” he told the ABC.

“There’s a sort of nativist, or what they call ethno-nationalist politics, that’s become mainstream political discourse and I think that’s worrying.”

FYI Louis was the guy that propelled Lamb and Lanx Gaede to international fame/notoriety.

Food For Thought.

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